Friday, June 25, 2010

A Friendly Takeover

I think my girls are trying to take over my blog! They have been furiously writing in their journals with topics they would like to blog about. Grace is moving away from her comfort area of book recommendations and is now writing about events, like yesterday’s violent storm. Not to be outdone by her sister, Lilah is walking around pencil in hand, journal open writing away. Her entries are more human interest, like how we found a displaced baby bird on our “damage assessment walk” after the storm and were trying to figure out how to rescue it when we realized it was old enough to fly.

They want their own blog space but they are young. I know this is an era of computers but should they have something on the internet that is permanent when they are so young? I look at the benefits: meaningful writing experience, sparking an interest in journalism or creative writing, building computer literacy, practice with their new typing skills, the connections that can be made through blogging (which is also a negative for a child), self expression and encouraging a possible new passion.

There are controls. I will have the password until I feel they are old enough to sign themselves on independently. I will also have to monitor all comments. I will also have to have conversations as they grow about what is appropriate to write about and what should be kept private.

For now, there will be more guest posts on my blogs. I am having fun watching them wake up and rather than want television, they want to type. Lilah told me she will make a list in her journal of things as she thinks of them so she can go back later and write about them. Grace wants to learn how to import the picture she took of the fallen tree limb in our front yard. They are both thinking of titles for their blogs.

The creativity is catchy. It seems my girls have caught the blogging bug! We’ll see if this is a passing phase or the beginning of something pretty amazing.


Theresa said...

I believe there is an option on blogger where you can only allow certain people to see the blog. Maybe that is an option?

Theresa said...

I just checked and under recommendations in the dashboard there is a setting for "only people I choose".

Jessica said...

Hi Theresa! There is an option for both of those. Right now I have it set up the same as mine, open but all comments must be approved. Since she cannot sign it (only I know the password) and the comments come to my email, I think it is reasonable. We are giving it a try. I found it so funny that the name she came up with all on her own is Life in Stories! Now whenever I tell someone, I keep saying Life in Words! You might get a lot of new visitors!

Theresa said...

I like the idea of her not knowing the password and having the comments come to me. Right now we set it up for only people I choose, but I see the limitations in that....I'll have to see how it goes.

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