Sunday, June 20, 2010

Guest Blogger - Grace's Book Recommendation!

Have you ever read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone? It's about an eleven year old boy named Harry. His mom and dad died when Harry was just a baby. Lord Voldemort had killed the parents but not Harry. Somehow Harry weakened Voldemort. Harry goes to live with his rotten aunt and uncle, and his cousin, Dudley. He does not know that he is a wizard

until this giant, called Hagrid tells him. He goes to Hogwarts, a wizard school. He is famous just because he survived Voldemort. Wizards are afraid to say his name.

Does he meet any friends? Does he meet up with Voldemort? Does he meet an enemy? Read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to find out.

(you will understand the title)


Greg said...

Grace, love your blog! I have read the books and love them. Can't wait to see your next post.


Paul said...

Could you loan me yours to read? I promise not to get coffee on it! What other books do you recommend for an older wizard (or is that geezer) who can get through a couple of pages before falling off into the amazing storybook land of dreams?

Loved reading your post.


Anonymous said...


I loved the Harry Potter series! You did a great job describing the plot. I was surprised at some of the events that took place in the later books. What other series have you read that you enjoyed? I'm always looking for a good new author!

An Admirer

Allie said...

Grace, I loved the Harry Potter movies. I started reading the Sorcerer's Stone but then I had to read something for school and I stopped reading it. I want to read it over the summer. I like books about girls like me. My favorite books in the world are the Allie Finkle series by Meg Cabot. Allie Finkle has the same name as me. Allie. Not Finkle. She has stuff with friends and her family and I think I could be her friend if she was a real girl.I am reading a book called Girls Acting Catty now and that is good too. it is funny. I read Camille McPhee and that was really funny too.I like funny books.

Jessica said...

Dear Allie,
I have read some of the Allie Finkle books. And they were good. I think if you like magic, you will like the Harry Potter series. Have you ever read the Percy Jackson series? My mom has read all 5. This summer I want to read them. And if you like those you might want to read The Red Pyramid. My mom has also read that book.

Isobel said...

Hi Grace!!!
We love the Harry Potter books, thanks for the cool blog!!! We will be looking forward to your next post...

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