Thursday, June 24, 2010

Guest Blogger - Grace's Book Recommendation #2!

Do you want to read a humorous story? Then read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. This book is about a fourth grader who just so happens to have a little brother,

Fudge, [ Farley Drexel ] who is annoying. He has a birthday party. And it is hard work.

Fudge’s brother, Peter, and his friend, Jimmy, and a girl, Sheila have to watch Fudge at the park, and his two front teeth fall out jumping off a play set trying to fly!

So as you can see, Fudge can cause alot of trouble!

Books in Order

1: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

2: Super Fudge

3: Fudge - a- Mania

4: Double Fudge

Also: Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great

This book is a Realistic Fiction book. And there’s more than one book. So if you like it, you can get more.


Allie said...

Grace, I read that book last summer. You are right that Fudge ( Farly Drexel) is annoying. My mom toke me see the play in November, and my class also wen on a field trip to s the play in may. Have you read Allie Finkle? She also has two annoying little brothers. Or Baby mouse? She as an annoying little bother.
If you want to read Allie Finkle there are 4 books the 5th is coming out in September.
if you want to read Baby mouse there is at least 12 or 13 of them and new ones come out every year either in the summer or when it is the school time.
Do you have a sister or brother, are they younger or older than you? I have a little sister named Piper and she is bossy and annoying.

Winnie said...

I also saw the play. I have read some of the Allie Finkle books. I have also read some of the Baby Mouse books. I have a little sister.

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