Sunday, June 13, 2010

I am not a toy, I am a boy!

One of my goals for my family is to get out and explore Connecticut. Despite the fact I was not feeling well, we ventured to Litchfield County to Southwind Farm in Watertown. They were having an open house and graciously invited us to play with their 55 alpaca. We met one of Lilah’s friends from Two Coyotes, and her family there since it was practically in their backyard! It was certainly worth the ride. We learned that alpaca are related to camels, are social, many know their name, and can range from $500 pets to $200,000 show animals. Their coats were recently sheared and are being turned into yarn that rivals cashmere. They love the snow but must be protected from the heat.

For some reason they reminded us of our big goofy dog Jake. The long legs, plush coat, same coloring, same goofy personality I guess. MacGuire was on of the alpaca we visited with. He was playful, curious and took a liking to my friends son who is four. At one point he knocked him down thinking he was just a plaything. Fortunately her son did not seem to mind. He said I am not a toy, I am a boy!

After we left the stable area we went inside to look at the yarn. I choose a beautiful tricolored nautral yarn to make a scarf. The girls chose less expensive yarn for their weaving and knitting. It was a great experience, a visit we will not forget.

** this is a personal reflection of our visit to Southwind Farm. I was not paid or compensated to write about our visit.

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