Monday, June 14, 2010

Ping Pong

Something knocked me on my butt this weekend. 102 fever, migraine headache, ear pain, muscle weakness followed by upset stomach. No fun at all. Especially on Greg’s 40th birthday weekend! I am going to make it up to him on Father’s Day. We do birthdays big here and I blew this one. For his 35th I threw a party and invited his college friends for the day. He did not want a party this year, but I feel like we let him down. I gave him a watch that is very similar to the one he gave me last Christmas that I adore. It did not work and had to go back.

the cake Lilah baked from scratch for her Daddy:

What he really really wants is an outdoor ping-pong table. I told him to get the credit back on the watch and apply it toward the pool table. So far he thinks he knows the brand he wants, but he would like to actually see the table first and we are having a hard time finding a retailer who has it.

I don’t know when he is going to have time to use this ping pong table. Maybe the flood lights we put in for the pool will illuminate the driveway at 9:00pm when he gets home from work. Maybe it will be an incentive to get on an earlier train and play in daylight (who am I kidding.....) I don’t know where we will store it when it rains or during the 9 months we will not spend loads of time outdoors. We do not have a finished basement or a game room. But it is what he wants.

Some guys turn forty and buy a car, sell their house, take up golf and are gone all day, decide they want a “man room” or worse. All he wants is a ping-pong table. For all he has given me, it is the least I can do.

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