Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Train Hopping

I have been to New York City many many times with the girls. We think nothing of packing a backpack and jumping on a southbound train. We are fortunate to have a train station a little over a mile from our house. Today I learned how to navigate the trains. I have never taken the train other than a direct trip to Manhattan. The girls and I went to the New York City Botanical Gardens as part of Lilah’s Brownie Troop. It was a perfect day. The weather was just right. The flowers were in full bloom. The children were well behaved.

It took three trains to reach our destination. First we had to get from our town to Stamford. That was easy: get on, get off, wait for the next train to come and take that train to Fordham -- where I had planned on taking a taxi to the Garden because I did not know how to get from there to the Garden stop. A very helpful Conductor gave us a pass allowing us to ride the one stop from Fordham to Botanical Gardens for free. He showed us how to cross over the tracks and which train to take - take the blue one or the silver, not the red! He told me which schedule to take so that I could get us back when it was time to go home. So from Fordham, we rode one stop to Botanical Garden. Upon exiting the train, the garden entrance beaconed to us from just across the street.

When it was time to return home I used my handy dandy schedule and after realizing I was reading it incorrectly, found the correct time table for trains headed to New York and was able to navigate all senen of us home again. Five kids, six trains, one day. Whew!

Who says homeschooling is only for the kids!


mamak said...

What a trip! Nice job, Mama. And thanks for caring for my girl. I don't let her ride trains and traipse all over new york with just anyone.

Jessica said...

We adore her. The girls were amazing. They were considerate of others on the train, listened to the directions on moving from train to train, giggled at the conductors, who all commented on our crew, never complained and were simply a joy! I am so glad she was able to join us.

Theresa said...

Sounds like a great day! Understanding the trains and subway in the city has been on my list of things to do for years! I am envious that you have accomplished the task! Just think of the world that is open to you and the girls now!

I had almost forgotten about the Botanical Gardens. Jason and I went there YEARS ago and it is lovely and makes for a wonderful day! Now that Jason is so into photography we should make a trip in!

Allie, Piper and I would LOVE to meet up with you and the girls in the city sometime!

Jessica said...


I would love to meet also! Let's make it happen when the girls are out of school. I will think of some options and we can pick what we think will make everyone happy!

Theresa said...

That would be great!

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