Saturday, July 10, 2010

Back to School Shopping

Target is beginning to display back to school supplies. When Greg told me this, I could foresee two very unhappy girls. While the end of summer has been distressing, the opportunity to buy new, pointy crayons, to sharpen pencils for the very first time, to pick out the coolest notebook and folder ever and to stock up on rulers, pens and fat pink erasers is something we look forward to every year. Equipped with two supply lists, we used to hit Target, Staples and Walmart looking for what the teacher has requested.

Why should this year be any different? I am working on a supply list which I will mail home to the girls as a surprise. It will include our supplies for writing (new rulers, pencils, pens), science (I will look ahead at the next three months worth of labs), art (no more RoseArt crayons.....we are going to get Prismacolor markers, charcoal pencils and real clay), folders for when we are out and about, and new lunchboxes for Audubon days and car trips. I am so excited to write up their list and see their faces when I tell them they have mail from their teacher!

** will post a picture of the letter when finished.....


  1. What a great idea! I know the girls will love it. You'll have to blog their reactions when they receive their letters. I really admire all that you're doing to make thier learning experiences as positive, memorable and individualized as possible. Keep up the good work and keep your self doubts to a minimum; as long as you have your girl's best interest at heart you can't go wrong.


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