Friday, July 9, 2010


I love blogs. They give me a little glimpse into the daily goings on of other homeschool families. Back when I was “just a mom” I used to drop my girls off at school and hang out on the corner with the other moms who had some time to kill before rushing off to part time jobs, housework, or errands. We would talk about teachers, homework assignments, extra curricular activites. It was how I stayed connected, not only to my friends but to the school community. Sometimes I would find out early what classes were being offered after school or through the town rec department. Other times we would chat about playground incidents, which teacher was retiring and who our child’s new best friend was. Now that I am a homeschooling mom, I have lost that connection to the larger school community. I rely on word of mouth from friends, yahoo groups and facebook pages to stay connected to new material, classes and learning opportunities.

Enter the blog. I connect with others who share my teaching style and through their attempts to share what works in their home environment I am able to find new things to try in mine. For example, today Sergeant Major Mom, posted her fall curriculum order. I noticed she is buying Artistic Pursuits for her children. This intrigues me as I have struggled to provide adequate instruction even though I feel I am naturally artistic. I have relied on outside classes at Creative Arts Workshop to give my girls proper art instruction. I googled it and viola! Instant information. This program looks a-mazing. An independent art study that combines instruction with art appreciation. I think my girls would love it! Even though they would fall in the grades 4-6, I like the K-3 series because it teaches more of ancient art, which we are studying in history. I may not have heard of this had I not read this blog tonight. Thank you Sergeant Major Mom!

So how do you know when you have just the right material? I feel pretty good right now that I have the girls curriculum worked out for the fall. Every time I think I am ready to place an order I hesitate because my friend (who has the most amazing materials) might share something new with me. Or I might stumble upon something a bloggy friend is using that would be great to try. There are so many wonderful resources available to homeschooling children that there is no way to cover them all in just one year. So I have to choose carefully in case one year is all I get with Grace.

Maybe I should place my order and stop reading blogs for awhile....Nahh!


Jennifer @ Sergeant Major Mom said...

This will be our second year using Artistic Pursuits and we LOVE it. I highly recommend it. I don't consider myself as being very artistic - I draw stick people. I feel like this allows me to still be a great art teacher, despite my lack of skills.

Mama Teaching 2 said...

I SO love my blogs. :)

Theresa said...

great post! I agree completely! Blogging is a great way to see what others are doing and how they are doing it! I love the little glimpses into other peoples' lives and the opportunity to connect with people that live all over the world! It's wonderful!

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