Monday, July 26, 2010

Diggin Pandora

I thought this was just jewelry. Everyone I know has a Pandora bracelet with charms dangling representing all our life moments. I can tell you a story about every one of my charms, from the heart I bought myself the day my Grandmother died, to the sister charm my brother and his wife gave me for my birthday.

I am not referring to this Pandora. I had no idea there was a world of internet radio out there playing all this time while I was completely ignorant to it. All you do is type in your favorite artist ( for me that is Coldplay) and then it customizes a playlist of songs that are similar in style. So now I can sit here, browse my blogs while listening to Chris Martin sing just to me. Oh I wonder what song will be next!

How does this station know me so well? Kinda scary in fact. So far I have listened to Over the Rainbow by Israel Ka’Anoi and Snow Patrol’s Run. Last song was Somewhere Only We Know by Keane. These three songs will be purchased and put on my ipod. Oh! Now it is another of my favorite bands, The Killers! So what if you have to listen to a short thirty second commercial now and then. I will take that for minute after minute of my favorite music free, unlike my monthly subscription satellite radio.....

I wonder what else lays out there undiscovered in internet-land. This month I have stumbled upon Twitter, and now Pandora. Diggin it!


  1. You're so cute! I have heard of Pandora music but never tried it. I will have to give it a try!

    And I LOVE my Pandora bracelet!! I have a lot of mom and family charms, I wonder if I can get one to represent homeschooling. lol

  2. My Pandora just filled up. I want to start a Brighton one. Unfortunately, the closest store to me is in White Plains, NY so it is not convenient but I love their bracelets and charms AND they are less expensive than Pandora.

    I never thought to get a homeschooling charm. Hmmm.....maybe it is time to go shopping!

  3. Regarding the music Pandora, just be aware you get 40 hrs free/month. After you hit 40 you have to wait until the next month to listen. Or you can pay a nomimal fee for unlimited. Just wanted to share that as I learned the hard way! :)

  4. Kas - Did not know that. Tried to read the terms and conditions but did not quite get around to that...... Thanks! I only use it when I am writing or blogging. I don't think I will hit 40 hours and I don't want to pay since I already pay for XM. Good to know!


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