Friday, July 23, 2010

A Family Under Construction

My blog is really just my online journal. I have stacks of journals that I have kept over the years....some on paper, others on my computer. They capture who I was at different stages of my life. One of my favorite journals is the one I kept starting the day I quit teaching. It was a hard year for me, adjusting to being a full time mother, facing my fear of losing my identity by walking away from my career, coping with loneliness and feelings of isolation, and finally discovering joy as a caregiver and nurturer. Someday I will share this journal with my daughters when they are thinking of becoming mothers. It is an honest look at the joys, the frustrations, and the social expectations of “having it all”... and how hard that can sometimes be.

This journal, my blog, is another favorite. This period of my life feels much like the one I just mentioned. It is a time of growth, discovery and fulfillment. The only difference is I chose to share this with strangers. Only the thing is, I don’t feel like the people who read my blog are strangers. I don’t have many followers yet, but I feel like I know the ones who take time to peek into my world. I communicate daily with Our Life in Words. I am learning from Home Is Where You Start From, I often find pictures of my girls at Frog Creek and I have added to my homeschool curriculum from Sergeant Major Mom. These are not just bloggers, they are women I connect with.

Reading Home Is Where You Start from made me think about the purpose of my blog. I began it intending to share my reflections on our family’s first year of homeschooling. But that is not all that I am doing. Homeschooling was the catalyst that started a series of changes in our lives. I find myself writing about the changes most often. Thrown in are our family adventures, the girl’s escapades and my reflections on all of it.

I am changing the tag line of my blog from reflections on our first year of homeschooling to Teachable Moments.....a family under construction!


Hen Jen said...

bravo, I like your new tag-line! Well, this whole deciding on your niche/finding your niche..I'm not sure it's all it's cracked up to be- I'm not sure if I'm comfortable fitting into a niche, though I was thinking to be 'successful' that seemed to be the formula. I like the idea of a journal, a little bit about everything. How wonderful that you will have those old journals to show your girls someday!
loved this post, keep writing/sharing. :)

Jennifer @ Sergeant Major Mom said...

I think that "Teachable Moments" is a perfect name!
We have been off of school for about 4 months now. I can't wait to start again in September. The kids are begging to begin - and I love it!

Theresa said...

I've kept journals over the years as well and I look at the blog as a journal, too. I like sharing it and I am so happy that you share yours. I learn so much from your ideas, as well as Home is Where You Start From and Sergeant Major Mom. I am so glad that we all get to share this together, learn from each other and support each other. It truly is a wonderful gift!!

mamak said...

Blogs are great in that they ebb and flow to be what you need, venting place, keeper of memories and pictures, planner, journal. And the brilliant thing is the feed back, resources, suggestion, and friends you gain along the way.

Jessica said...

I know Theresa and I are fairly new bloggers - so thanks for the advice and inspiration!!!!!

Theresa said...

Well said, Mama K, I like it! :)

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