Thursday, July 15, 2010

Heartache Headed Our Way

I am going to get my heart broken. Not only will my heart break, two little hearts will be joining me. You see, today we found a little dog and took her in while we search for her owners. We love her already.

As we were pulling into our driveway we noticed a tiny cream and tan shih-tzu sniffing around the telephone pole. We jumped out of the car and she came trotting over to say hello. There was no one accompanying her, no one walking in the neighborhood calling her name, no cars driving by searching for a lost dog. She seemed friendly enough, all ten pounds of her, so we brought her into our kenneled area while I called the number on her tag. The number is not in service. This dog is cared for. I don’t think someone dumped her, or is not worrying tonight about her whereabouts. She is well groomed. She is healthy. She is clean. She has not been on her own for long. Since the animal hospital that has a record of her rabies vaccination was closed, I called the police. I told them I would be keeping the dog until an owner is found and gave them my number in case someone calls looking for her. That was four hours ago. No call has come in yet. This little love has immediately attached herself to me and in return I gave a little bit of my heart to her. But like I keep telling my girls, someone will call for this dog. She is not a stray.

Grace talked to me about our dog Jake. She wonders what she would do if it were she who lost her dog. She said she just could not bear the thought of Jake being gone, not knowing where he is. He is her best friend. It pained me to have her talk like this. She has such strong empathy for the person or family that could be in that very situation, worrying, agonizing over a lost family member while all this time we have had her, holding on to her, caring for her, keeping her safe.

Tomorrow I will begin to look again for her owners, calling both the animal hospital and the police department. We will keep this dog until its owners are located. But when that happens, get the kleenex ready......I am going to be wiping away many tears.

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Theresa said...

Oh, that is so hard! We are animal lovers too! Whenever we see a dog wandering alone, we scour the neighborhood looking for their owner. We have always found it right away, but even during those minutes of going door to door, the girls and I start fantasizing about what it would be like to adopt the dog in question.

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