Monday, July 19, 2010

What's the big deal Mommy????

“What’s the big deal Mommy.....why are you taking my picture?”

Call me a dork but I think your child’s first visit to a college library is a big deal. Lilah did in fact refer to me as a dork, but that is okay with me.

Grace was off to basketball camp at a local high school. Unlike the previous workshops she has attended with this coach, this camp is not open to parents. Bleachers were not pulled out and the sign in sheet was located in the lobby of the gymnasium. She was escorted to the locker room to put her belongings and I was told when to pick her up. Ugh. My girls are growing up.

Armed with the laptop, cursive writing workbook and Lilah’s insect fact book, we set off for the SHU library. To alleviate her fears of being allowed into a college “with no reason” I explained that allumni are always welcome back to their universities and we are welcome to use their resources. She picked her table and spread out her material. Exhausting what she brought, she asked me to look up what insect books the library has in the stacks. We wandered upstairs and found the IMC (Informational Materials Center), a room dedicated to the Education Department that holds all kinds of treasures, from every EyeWitness Junior and regular EyeWitness books to math text books and teaching periodicals.

Settling down on the couch next to a window where we could watch the raging thunderstorm outside, she proceeded to dig into her book while I watched her and journaled. She bombarded me with questions:

  • When did you come here Mommy?
  • Can we come here every week?
  • Can we bring our lessons here and learn in this library?
  • This is cool Mommy, being in this library and being here during a storm!
  • Mom do you think you are allowed to check books out?

So Lilah.....after having your first visit to a University.......wouldn’t you agree with me that it is a pretty big deal?


Hen Jen said...

that is a big deal, how cool! Wonderful that she is having such a positive experience with a University so early!

Theresa said...

That is so cool! Sounds like she warmed up to the idea and got into it! University libraries are excellent resources!

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