Saturday, August 28, 2010

Busy Bee

Since experiencing her first bee sting in June, Lilah has been very curious about insects. This summer she has undertaken a self-study of creepy crawly bugs. Surrounding herself with books from the library and her growing collection of field guides, she set out to make a book of facts. Since she is not yet able to summarize the information into her own words, we are working on a bibliography so her readers will know where she copied the facts from.

Many nights I would find her working in our learning lounge, long past her bedtime, begging to just finish one more insect, or to complete the page she was working on. How could I deny such a request?

My favorite memory of this project was taking her to the Sacred Heart University Library, to work along other scholars in an institute of higher education. It thrilled me and her as well. This year I hope to visit as many new libraries as possible, including the local community colleges, surrounding towns, hopefully Yale (with my niece acting as a tour guide) and most definitely the New York City Public Library on 5th Ave.

Back to Lilah.......her focus on insects is just one part of her larger desire to learn as much as possible about nature. This summer she has splashed through creeks, tagged horseshoe crabs, hung informational posters in libraries (about the horseshoe crabs), dissected an unknown egg sack at the beach, cared for her frogs, read many many books, helped solve a beetle problem at our garden organically, assisted in our worm composting, found and identified a green stink bug, watched a fascinating documentary on the box jellyfish, and all the while, had a fabulous time!


mamak said...

Love it!

Karen said...

Great job! Wow she prints much better than Kei. ;) My girl is messy as can be. She says, "I can print pretty but it just takes so much longer."
Beautiful drawings too!

Theresa said...

I love the drawing of the fly!

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