Monday, August 23, 2010

Hopes and Dreams for a New School Year

I would be lying if I said I was not nervous. Having one child home for learning was fine. We had good days and not-so good days. Having two at home now is a little unsettling.

All my curriculum is ordered. I am waiting for Grace’s Horizons math to arrive along with Rosetta Stone and Drawn into the Heart of Reading. My plan has always been to start September 7th. When the girls were in school, I always wanted them to start the day after Labor Day and would feel frustrated when the start date kept creeping earlier and earlier into August. This year, they get an extra week of vacation. We plan on using the week that their friends go back to school to do local trips. We will go to New York to hopefully meet new friends and visit their father at work. We will head up to Massachusetts to visit their Great Aunt and swim if the weather is still warm. I have been promising Lilah I will take her to the Yale Art Museum and Grace to the Peabody Museum. I am looking forward to this week.

Nerves aside, I am really looking forward to starting the girls schooling. My bookshelf is neatly labeled and the school supplies are set aside. Lessons are scheduled for flute, piano and cooking. Basketball is falling into place. Girl Scouts and Brownies are at times that do not conflict. They will be busy, but not over-scheduled. We have Thursday and Friday open to play with friends. Most importantly, the girls are asking to start. They are excited to dig into their new books, mechanical pencils, and open up their new glue sticks. Grace wants to start her weather science study and Lilah is looking forward to continuing her history lessons. Both girls are anxious to visit a local retirement home where they may be going to deliver fresh baked cookies and perform a variety of songs on the flute and piano. Our Religious Ed program at church has changed this year offering both girls the opportunity to sing in the choir.

My hope and dream is that they are content yet challenged in their learning. My wish is that they wake up most days eager and excited to dive into what the day will bring. My plan is to plan as much as possible and be flexible to go wherever the learning takes us. I know we will go excited places that I cannot even fathom right now.

Is it September 7th yet??


  1. This is our 13th year of homeschooling. I remember well my first year. I was soooo nervous. Take it easy and be flexiable. It may take so time ti get to a smooth schedule but it will come.

  2. You are going to be an awesome HS mom. It sounds like you have everything in place and your plans sound great!

    I can't WAIT to read about all the wonderful memories you are going to make.

  3. Yay! We can't wait to meet you guys!! I think we may have had different Fridays in mind...but we will make it work!! :) Can't wait!!

  4. My kiddos were SO ready to start, too! Once I got going on the prep of the room and the supplies in place, they were asking if it was time. Don't think we could have waited another week. Looks like you're going to have a wonderful year! Blessings to you all!

  5. LOVE your photo at the top of the stream in the wood. My kiddos were SO ready to start once the supplies were out and the prep was underway, too. I don't think they could have waited another week. (I'll take that as a good sign!) Blessings for a wonderful year!

  6. Sounds like you're well on your way to a great year! Once you get over the actual starting, the nerves will calm down.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Blessings as you continue your homeschooling journey!

  7. I love you mommy. Home schooling is the best! Can"t wait to do math with Jake! love you!********

  8. I love you too Jellybean! I agree that homeschooling is the best. I am really looking forward to starting soon! The three of us will have lots of fun together.

    Jake and Daphne would love to keep you warm while you read on the couch or do math.

    Will you write to me and tell me all you want to learn this year???


  9. You sound like you are right on track and doing a great job! I love that last paragraph too!

    Oh, and thank you for coming to visit my blog:)

  10. You'll like Horizons Math - I use it with my Kindergarten and Fourth Grader and they both do well with it. My daughter was in PS until third grade, so I know what that transition is like. You are doing the right thing!

  11. Thank Mary! Math was the biggest struggle for me. My other daughter is using Singapore Math and it works for her. My fear was keeping my older daughter on a similar path as her peers in case she returns to school for 6th grade. While I am mostly certain I have my younger daughter home for quite some time to come, I can not be so certain for my oldest daughter......

  12. We're just beginning our homeschool journey as well, mostly for my oldest daughter who will be seven next month. Wishing you the best of luck this year! :)


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