Sunday, September 26, 2010

Crisis Averted!

I could not find any clothes that fit me today.  I had what we have termed in this house, a “clothing crisis”.  Living with two daughters, we have these often.  Today was not about the actual fit of my clothes.   Well, I should mention that some are a bit snug due to my summer of glorious food.  But I do have some clothes that look fine on my body.  The problem with the fit today was that my clothes no longer fit who I am as a person.  

When I pulled out my fall clothes last year I was at a completely different stage of my life.  I was reentering the workforce full time for the first time in 9 years as a preschool teacher.  My daily clothes demanded flexibility.  Thank goodness we were allowed to wear jeans because life with preschoolers is up and down, literally!  But I often paired my jeans with something like this.  

Very preppy.  Very teacher-y.  Very straight-laced and slightly boring.  But I looked professional and well suited for a classroom of 20 three, four and five year olds.   
However, now when I open my closet and find my french cuff Brooks Brothers shirts they don’t fit who I see myself today.  I am still a teacher, only my students are now my daughters.  I am still seeking to be respected, but for who I am as a person, not for my career.   I still want to look put together when we venture out to our many classes, lessons, library trips and playdates but  I would much rather look like this now.

Fortunately, I was able to purchase my teaching clothes on the meager salary that preschool teachers make.  Now, I am not being paid for the hours and hours of planning, organizing, coordinating, facilitating, transporting and scheduling that I do now.  I still want to do these things in style, but now my style is a bit more relaxed.  Today I found some new clothes, not at Diesel, where I long to shop, but at Target where I found my favorite long sleeve tee shirts on sale for $7 each and two very cute short jersey shirts on clearance for $3.47 each!  I splurged on two pairs of very cool tights and with my boots, I can mimic this look for a fraction of the price of designer.  I went into the attic and rescued my "vintage" Henri Bendel skirts I got 10 years ago at a sample sale in New York City and had the great pleasure of shopping at P’s.  
P’s is not a store or a catalog.  Nope.  I am a very lucky girl indeed.  I have a mother who LOVES to shop and who has IMPECCABLE taste and fortunately is the same size as me!  So when she purges her closet, my sister and I come running.  We both carried out an armful of clothes from Banana Republic, Gap, and JCrew. mom can rock JCrew.  Like I said...I am a very lucky girl.  Now the only thing I really want but don’t yet have the courage to get to complete my new fall transformation is this. Even though I have wanted one since I was 12, I don’t think I will ever have the nerve.


  1. Let me know when you are ready and we can go together. We will hold hands. My husband has been trying to talk me into it for about 3 years now. I just haven't been brave enough. I keep saying maybe tomorrow.

  2. You are so funny! I can't wait to see the new ensembles!!

    You are sooooo lucky! My mom and I have completely different taste, but then we also have different sizes too!

  3. Too funny. I love your 'new' look. It looks like something I would wear.

    My daily clothes consist of sweatpants or shorts and the most comfortable TShirt I can find.

    How lucky are you that you can wear and WANT to wear, your Mom's clothes!

    Go for the nose ring! You only live once. :)

  4. You ARE lucky! Hand-me-downs from fashionable friends and family members are the best! I get so excited when my SIL hands off last season's items from her closet... :)

  5. I have to laugh because my husband showed this blog post to my mom and all I got was a text on my phone (in all caps) saying "NO NOSERING". I guess I know where my ultra-cool mom stands on that issue........


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