Monday, September 27, 2010

Have Zuca, Will Travel

We discovered Zuca bags when Grace was figure skating.  They are very handy for wheeling skates, guards, jump ropes, water bottles and butt pads into the rink.  Plus on busy days, they double for a place to sit and lace up.  We pulled our bags out the basement, dusted them off and realized they are perfect for hauling our binders, books, journals, pens and pencils to the library!

The library has become our new favorite place for lessons.  I love our library.  The children’s wing is warm and inviting.  There is a reading nook that doubles as a meeting space for the knitting and poetry clubs.  There is a toddler area with board books and duplo blocks, a large bank of computers, and plenty of space for the three of us to work.  The library is synonomous with learning.  At the table I will introduce what I want them to work on whether it’s the next lesson in their math text or the mini-lesson for their writing assignment.  Then they scatter, each to their own place.  Most of the time it is in the reading nook.  They come back to me for help, to review and to move on to the next lesson.  Our work is finished quickly, with little fuss and the reward is they get to browse and borrow for as much time as we can spare.  
Today there was a huge toddler crowd in the children’s room.  We could not take the never ending rounds of “We are glad to be together, together, together, we are glad to be together at the library today” with each child being personally introduced.  The girls just rolled their eyes like they are too cool for that!  I reminded them that they once sat on that rug for toddler time too, but perhaps the children’s place was not the best space for us today.  We ventured downstairs to the teen wing.  Here we found peace and solitutde and a beautiful window seat looking out onto our town’s Main Street.  The girls read their biographies, completed a rough draft of a description of a person, worked on cursive practice and Lilah completed one math lesson, Grace completed two.  The librarian was not too sure what to do with us.  When she asked if I was tutoring I just nodded.  Sometimes I get tired of explaining.  Really, why else would I be there with two girls who are calling me Mom at 10:30 in the morning on a public school day?  When she assumed I was a tutor, she said, “Oh, that’s okay then.”  I was curious what the alternative would have been if I were not a “tutor” and perhaps just a homeschooling “mom”.  Would that not have been okay?  Hopefully when we return on Wednesday, she will remember us and put two and two together without me having to explain.
I wish I had my camera this morning.  I love my camera but usually I have either forgotten it (like today) or when I actually remember it, I have left the memory card in my laptop at home.  So no pictures were taken of the girls at the library, or at the Audubon where they had an amazing class on keeping a Nature Journal, or of Grace’s flute ensemble, or of Lilah and me having a wonderful time browing through stores in the arts section of New Haven.  Oh well.  Tomorrow is another day!

** I wish Zuca would ask me to endorse their products.  I have my eye on the backpack.  Sadly, I was not paid either monetarily or through product to endorse their bags.  


Theresa said...

haha! As a librarian who sings that very song with toddlers twice every Thursday I got a real kick out of your girls' reaction! As a homeschooling librarian, I have to say that I am a little disappointed in your librarian's reaction. My boss (and our Board) view me as a golden opportunity...we are subscribing to magazines for homeschoolers, and applying for grants for homeschool materials for the library. Homeschoolers account for 20 % of ALL library checkouts! Libraries should be happy to cooperate with homeschoolers (but I do realize that some are not).

Karen said...

I love that Zuca!!! I agree about the librarian. That is very disappointing. I always say, "You know you are a homeschooler when the librarian says, 'You can only check out 50 books at a time'. I love the idea of going to the library to do lessons. Hmmm we may try that too.

Marcie said...

Awwwwww, the joys of schooling wherever works best for you and your girls. I am definitely going to try the library next.

Stephanie said...

We have a Zuca Pro and it's wonderful for traveling! Compact. Sturdy. Organized. Lightweight. We love it.

Jessica said...

I wish I could figure a way to reply to each person. I'll just say that I love going to the library and we are going to expand our horizons and check out as many libraries in our area.

Our Zuca bags have been reinvented many times. They have been sports bags, dance bags and now book bags! We bought them hoping they would grow with the girls and I have been very pleased!

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