Friday, September 24, 2010

Our Accomplishments

Our accomplishments this week:
My girls can tell me who Ashurburnipal is and why he is significant in world history.  We learned about the collapse of the island Thera and learned about the mythological creature Minotaur.  They have not been interested in reading Percy Jackson, but now their interest is now piqued!
Lilah is no longer resisting subtraction with regrouping!  For me, this is a HUGE accomplishment.
We decided that we may do more of our lessons at the library as this offers the best of both worlds by giving Grace a location with energy and stimulation, while giving Lilah a quiet cozy nook to work in.  We accomplish more in a few short hours than we would at home.  Home then becomes our place to return to for art projects, history projects, music playing and just plain old play!
They published their second piece of writing: descriptive pieces on their pets.  On Monday, Lilah almost lost four of her beloved dolls when they were left behind at a cafe in New Haven.  Thankfully they were turned in by someone who knew they were loved and were later rescued by her dad.  This provided the inspiration for a fantastic story about the Lovely Girl’s Adventure in New Haven.  She is now on chapter 3!
Grace continues to blog at  I love to see her interest in blogging grow.
We attended our first class at the Audubon where we participated in a Yale study to determine if frogs have acquired a fungus (affectionately termed bumpy butt) that prevents the absorption of oxygen.  Grace’s flute ensemble began, as did her first Girl Scout Troop’s meetings.  Lucky girl gets to be in two GS troops, one for homeschooled children, the other with her friends from the neighborhood.  Lilah attended her second advanced cooking class where she delivered scrumptious chicken parmesan, homemade cesear salad dressing and my all-time favorite dessert, tiramisu.  
We ventured north to visit the girl’s Great Aunt, reinstating a tradition of Thursday visits.  I hope to visit at least once a month.
Most dear to my heart was the ability to see my girls grow up a little bit this week. Adjusting to being home has been a challenge and the relationship between my girls was suffering.  So much so, I was not sure if homeschooling would be an option for one of my daughters.  With the help of a trusted advisor, we came up with a plan that would help alleviate the hurt feelings and help them to learn to respect one another.  It is working.  Just today Grace apologized for something, offered a hug to her sister, and asked to be her friend.  I almost cried with joy.  That in itself is our greatest accomplishment this week!


Sharla said...

It sounds like your kids are learning so much at home! One of my sons loves all the Percy Jackson books and can hardly wait for the new one to come out.

Karen said...

YAY for this week! I love reading about your week and what you accomplish. I have never blogged that much about the 'lesson' part of our days and you have inspired me to at least try to.

I am so happy to hear about Grace and Lilah's healing. Kei is really enjoying reading Grace's blog. I hope it inspires HER to blog more. :)

Happy Saturday.

mamak said...

love it!

Jessica said...

Sharla, Thanks for stopping by!

Karen, I don't want to post too much about "what" we do. I would rather focus on what we accomplished. That way even when I have a bad week, I can look back on the positives and see that we are growing.

Thanks Kim!

wdworkman said...

Sounds like a busy, fun week.
Janet W

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