Monday, October 4, 2010


Today we hung out with some of our good friends at a renaissance faire.  We went to one this summer and I really enjoyed it.  The theme was Robin Hood and throughout the faire, theater performances of the story of Robin Hood were given at different venues.  I could have stayed the whole day, following the actors along their journey to capture the elusive  resident of Sherwood Forest but my girls did not know the story and they did not understand what was happening.  I knew if we had the opportunity to go again, I would teach them the story.
When I found out about this faire and knew we would be attending the school-day, I downloaded the 10 hour olde english version (unabridged of course) onto my ipod.  Lilah and I enjoy listening to it in the car when we are out and about.  Of course I have to stop every few minutes or so to give them a translation but they are getting the main parts.  So far we have completed four chapters, about three hours worth of listening.  
Wouldn’t you know......Robin Hood had NOTHING to do with the faire today!  Grace was quick to point out that all that listening was for nothing.  Not true, I told her.  She knows who the character of Robin Hood is.  She knows why he was an outlaw, who the Sheriff of Nottingham was, how he tried to capture Robin Hood and several ways that Robin Hood eluded capture.  She knows he was skilled at archery and swordplay and today she had the opportunity to try both of these.  We know in this time Kings and Queens lived in castles surrounded by their courtiers while the majority of others lived as peasants.  This story came on the heels of our last audiobook, Once Upon A Marigold and we have talked about castle life.  Tomorrow we will continue this little mini-unit with a few activities that were given to us by the faire planners such as creating our own heraldry and journaling about our experience. We will also put King Henry II and Queen Eleanor into our Book of Centuries.  So Grace, while listening to quality literature, may be a challenge, it is not for naught.  Look how much you learned and how fun it was to tie it all together!
 a performance of aerial acrobatics

Sword play

receiving the invitation for knighthood

a performance about espionage

making embossed leatherwear

hand hammering the leather


she is almost as good as Robin Hood himself!

watching the cast of characters with friends


Marcie said...

How freaking awesome!!! It looks like an amazing day!!!

Theresa said...

Sounds like a great day!! I love all of the hands-on stuff!

I am starting to wonder if 10 year old girls just like to give their mothers a hard time!

Jessica said...

Ha!! I think you are right. So it really is not me after all.......

Kimarie @ The Cardamom's Pod said...

Stopping by from the Hip Homeschool Hop - congratulations on beginning your homeschool journey! That medieval fair looks fantastic - my kids would LOVE something like that. :-)

Jessica said...

Just stopping by from the Hip Homeschool Hop. Looks like a fun field trip. Hope you are enjoying your homeschooling - I have a second grader as well. :)

Jessica said...

Kimarie and Jessica, Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to checking out your posts as well!

Karen said...

That looks like so much fun!! I just love Renaissance Faires. We have one in November near here.

Love the pictures of the girls! They look like they are having a blast!!

musicalmary said...

Hi -- I tagged you in a blog activity!

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