Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekly Accomplishments

New Haven is like a mini-New York City.  It offers Universities, arts festivals, music schools, coffee shops, parks, and cuisine from every ethnicity imaginable.  We do not take advantage our proximity to it and all we can do there.  I am changing that!

Friday we wrapped up our week with a 50 minute concert at Neighborhood Music School.  Their faculty is holding a series of concerts over the next few weeks.  They are aimed at the “lunch crowd” timed perfectly for local students or professionals to pop in for some good music during their lunch hour.  It is also perfect for homeschoolers!  We sat front and center to hear about the history of blues.  This was perfect for us since Grace has been immersed in the Louisiana culture and blues was born next door in Mississippi.  
The girls are finishing up their stories this week.  Today we focused on using strong verbs.  They went back through their pieces and changes plain boreing verbs to ones that better express the action the character is performing.  Walk was changed to stroll.  Came over was changed to stomped over.  Lilah and I worked on a story map to help her with character development and how her story should be resolved.  Their goal is to use Tikatok to publish their story as a book.  That will be next week’s project.
It seemed to take forever for us to wrap up our biography study.  Lilah finished her book on Jeff Corwin and created a cool bio-cube using  Grace is close to finishing Zlata’s diary and she will choose how to summarize her learning.  We will move on to our next genre, historical fiction.
Lilah reviewed multiplicaiton this week in math and Grace learned how to multiply three x two digit numbers.  Monday she is excited to learn three x three digit multiplication.  She also reviewed averages and plotting coordinates.
We have three chapters left in The Odyssey.  This week we were introduced to The Sirens, Charydbis, the whirpool of death and Scylla the six-headed lizard.  Today we read about the Sun God’s sacred cows.  Next week we will move ahead one chapter in Story of The World and we will learn more about the Greek Gods.
Lilah completed her patchwork pillow in her sewing class.  She is going to bump up to an hour lesson a week and has taken on an abitious goal of a patwork quilt.  Grace is also bumping up to an hour a week for piano as she has so many songs she wants to learn and just not enough time.  I love that their interests bring them such joy.  
Lastly, we just enjoyed being home.  Greg was off Wednesday.  We went to the library to take out books on Greece, Louisiana, and Switzerland.  We found some great weather related fiction books for Grace and Lilah took out more craft books.  I am surprised there are any left she has not taken out!  Then we went to Five Guy for burgers -- for lunch!!  Grace looked around, smiled and said how great it was that we could enjoy lunch together, on a Wednesday when everyone else was in school.  We agreed, it was pretty special.   The next day we visited my sister-in-law and my brand new nephew.  We held him, fed him, cooed over him and loved him.  What was planned to be an hour long visit turned into a three hour visit but that was okay -- we are learning to roll with it, enjoy it and follow where it takes us.
Life is good!


Theresa said...

Love that Tikatok!! I think Allie and Piper would love to do that too!! Hmmm....and I like the idea of them writing something and the re-working it with strong verbs, etc. Hmmm....maybe I have to buy that Ralph fletcher book!! I just keep buying curriculum!! lol.

Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

You had a busy week :) I love being able to go out for lunch during the week. We took an impromptu road trip on Wednesday with Dad - it's such fun to be able to do those little things. I also like hearing how your kids are settling into life at home. Next week feel free to link up your week at my blog - I would love to have you! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

mamak said...

Nice week! Hey, have your girls check out timezattack. I think there is a free version, and I have no idea what level this goes up to. I have no personal experience but it's etched in my brain as I have heard over and over that kids love to play this online game. It's all about multiplication!

Karen said...

I love all the things you are doing with the girls. I love reading how your days are settling into a rhythm. You need to check out Our HS group is doing this and they have some great free resources for writing. :)

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