Sunday, November 28, 2010

39 Things They Love About Me

Today is my birthday.  I have been thinking of doing a 40 before 40 post for some time.  The problem is I am so content in my life that I can’t find 40 things that I want to do or learn in the next year!  Sure there are some, like become a better knitter and pierce my nose but trying to list 40 things.....that is hard!  
Today my family gave me a beautiful hand made card that listed the 39 things they like about me!  I love my card.  It is probably my favorite card of all time.  I thought I would share it with you.
  1. the way you drive (I hardly let Greg drive -- we both know I am much better!)
  2. your smile
  3. your banana bread
  4. your blog
  5. your love of the fire (I am obsessed with my fireplace and the need for a constant supply of firewood)
  6. your clothing crisis (This surprised me. He finds joy when I can’t find anything to wear???)
  7. your creativity
  8. your patience (I was not aware I had any)
  9. your cinnamon rolls (I have to admit, they are pretty good.....)
  10. your artistic ability
  11. your ability to talk to neighbors who are filming a movie and bothering you (this is sarcasm.....I am the bold one.  The one who will get up at 2:00 and confront my teenage neighbors in my pajamas when I am 9 months pregnant and demand that they shut down movie production before I get really annoyed and ask the police to shut it down-- this was 10 years ago!)
  12. the pictures you take
  13. your random duck noises.  (I choose not to explain.....)
  14. your love of your Mac
  15. the way you crack your fingers
  16. your hair
  17. your love of Henri Bendel 
  18. your love of shoes (Lilah must have added this one.  She probably added the Henri Bendel one too!)
  19. your love of pjs (I can’t have too many)
  20. you love of coffee (this is not a love, it is a need, a necessity, a lifeline!)
  21. your trust
  22. your butt dance (I prefer to call it my happy dance)
  23. your love for your brother
  24. your love of teaching
  25. your love for animals
  26. your faith
  27. your kindness to neighbors
  28. your writing ability
  29. the way you burp when you drink seltzer (embarrassing but true)
  30. your tuck-ins every night (Grace shared this one)
  31. when you read with me (Lilah) 
  32. when you play board games (even though I hate board games)
  33. your hugs
  34. your ability to schedule things and bring us everywhere
  35. you buy us the things we need
  36. you believe (Lilah added this.  Probably since I just put on my BELIEVE sparkly pin that I wear every Christmas season)
  37. you care about us
  38. you work with us everyday
  39. that you love us, no matter what we do!

Thank you family for a wonderful day.
  It is an amazing life we are building with each other.  
I am thankful for 
every single day we spend together.  


Theresa said...

Ok, I got tears in my eyes reading that! Just beautiful!!

I turn 39 in 3 months!! And I, too, hate board games!

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

Why am I not surprised??? Kinda scary how many things we have in common!

Stephanie said...

What a sweet + creative idea for a birthday card! I bet you'll cherish it forever.

Happy Birthday!

Helena said...

Happy Birthday, Jessica! You share your birthday with one of my favourite people on the planet—my niece. What a special day!

And thank you for sharing your card—what a lovely family you have, who all know you so well. Just beautiful.

Monica said...

What a beautiful thing for your family to do for you. Who can ask for more? Happy birthday!

Jessica said...

Thank you for your birthday wishes!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Jessica! I love your card. I am sitting here eating banana bread reading this. Yours is probably better. :grin:

I hate board games too and have a child who LOVES them. Monopoly is my most hated game of all time. Kei used to want to play it every day!

Have a wonderful, amazing day and year.

mamak said...

I love this list! Next time you come, we will give a glass of seltzer and demand a butt dance! Happy birthday, friend, I am so glad we met!

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