Wednesday, November 10, 2010

5 More Ways It Is Working

5 more ways I know it is working.......
  1. My girls never use their DSIs.  Before this adventure, the DSI was a constant companion to doctor visits, car rides, even Sunday dinners at my parent’s house.  Now it is rare to see them with their nose pressed up against the screen.  They are more likely to have their nose in a book while waiting at the orthodontist or doctor.....
  2. We hardly every listen to the radio.  I cannot say that I miss Hannah, Selena and Demi.  I love that my girls eagerly await the next audiobook choice.  So far we have enjoyed How To Eat Fried Worms, Once Upon A Marigold, A Crooked Kind of Perfect, The Monster’s Ring and others.  Our next is 100 Cupboards.
  3. Sisterly love is growing!  Two girls that had very little in common are finding things they enjoy doing together.  They have transformed our attic into a studio and love filming the Abby and Madeline Show, their version of iCarly.  They blog together.  They ride bikes together.  Just this week they completely rearranged their room.  With very little help from me!  
  4. Individual interests are shining through.  Lilah is making a quilt!  She is taking lessons with my friend and neighbor.  Grace is playing the piano daily.  After her lesson today, she was nervous because her recital is in three weeks and she was given a new piece today.  She felt she would never have enough time.  I reminded her that she has all the time she needs.  She told me she forgot that she can play whenever she wants!  She laughed at herself for not realizing this and still slipping into the school-way of thinking.  Lilah is reading, every night long after her sister has fallen asleep.  She sleeps later in the morning to make up for it but I usually have to ask her to put the book down and try to fall asleep.  Grace is discovering that there are books she enjoys reading, especially those that deal with weather.
  5. My girls have a real job.  Every Monday they take care of a dog.  This involves letting themselves into the house, taking the dog outside, walking him for a half hour, checking his food and water, playing with him, and locking up behind themselves.  Usually I wait in the car listening to Andrew Wilkow on XM radio.  If they need me, I am right there to lend a hand, but usually they do not need me.  This job gives them a sense of purpose, of independence, of responsibility and of confidence.  I love that they have this opportunity.
Even though we have some tough days, days I pray that they are getting enough, learning enough, demonstrating their learning successfully, feeding their interests and expanding their minds, I recall why we made this choice and all the ways it is working. 


mamak said...

And It is so good. I still laugh at the folks who when they find out my kids are home, say, I could never do that!
I know for a fact I could not do their daily grind...
So weird.

Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

I totally agree about the sibling bond. My older boys fight like crazy, however, they also have a lot of fun together. If they were in school I know my oldest would totally separate himself from his younger brother. This is a great list!

Karen said...

I love how your family is growing Jess. I remember, not very long ago, how frustrated you were about your girls 'getting along' and now look at you go!!

LOL on the 'listening to music". I thought the other day, "Oh no Kei is not going to know any songs on the radio anymore" But when we do turn it on she sings right along. So I guess audio books are not ruining her 'social media fixations'.

We haven't read those audio's except for Fried Worms. I will have to check them out, literally and figuratively :)

Happy Thursday!

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