Monday, November 1, 2010


I am crotchety.  I used to love Halloween.  Now I despise it.   
This is the first time in 8 years we have been home on Halloween.  Typically we trick or treat in my Mom’s neighborhood.  We would have Sunday dinner, get the kids dressed, and head out for an hour or so.  My sister and her boys came.  Sometimes we would take the dogs for walks while the kids ran wild.  Usually my brother and his wife would come and wrangle the kids when they would get to hyped on sugar and needed some Marine-speak.  

The past two years have brought Grace to tears.  One teenage neighbor of my mother, thought it would by hysterical to dress up as a gorilla, sit in a tree and jump out when kids came to the door.  It.was.not.funny.  Not at all.  Apparently he was filming himself for America’s Funnies Home Videos.  Again. Not funny.  Last year I could not believe he would do it again.  I assured Grace and reassured her that it would be okay.  We would not walk on that side of the street.  If we saw him we would turn right around.  He was lurking again in the shadows in his black gorilla suit.  He scared her.  Again.  This time I gave his mother a piece of my mind.  I told her I thought his laughs at the expense of children were shameful.  I told him I did not find his antics funny.  Nor did my child who had tried to be brave but yet again was reduced to tears and shaking.
We have a great neighborhood.  It is a grid with houses close together.  There is little traffic and overall it is very safe.  This year my girls wanted to experience trick or treating in their own neighborhood with their friends.  So this is the first time in 8 years I am home handing out candy while my husband takes the girls with their friends around the neighborhood.
I am not enjoying myself.  Most of the visitors to my door are taller than I am.  Many could have used a shave before they donned their costume.  Some did not say thank you.  Many tried to take more than one piece.  Some tried to come multiple times.  I don’t mean to be crotchety.  I don’t want to be.  The last straw was the group of teenage girls and boys who came in no costume at all.  One girl had a pot on her head.  I did not get it at first.  I am kind of a dork like that.  But then I got it.  It was not funny.  
This is not my favorite holiday.  


Karen said...

I am crotchety along with you a little. Kei loves Halloween and I used to but I would have rather stayed home last night and watched TV. ;)

Love the girls costumes. Kei was Hermione the year the last HP book came out. There was a costume contest at BAM and she won! We LOVE HP!!

Anonymous said...

Love the costumes! I'm almost sad that my teens are too old to Trick-or-Treat.

Jessica, you are the winner of the dvd _The Least Among You_. Please email me your mailing address so I can get it to you this week. (


Theresa said...

The last few years I was crotchety on Halloween too. I was thinking about that as we trick or treated last night and just how much our life has changed. The last few years the costumes, decorations, candy, trick or treating just seemed like one more thing to add to my already packed schedule and I resented it and felt bad that I was wishing my kids' Halloweens away! In our town, Halloween, like everything else is VERY political. The moms organize groups to go out together and exclude some and then there are hurt feelings. The moms make the kids' friends for them, singling out other families. Some years we were included, but once we saw how it was, we started going to my mom's for dinner and trick or treating, too, as it was easier! This year, we went with our neighbors who also homeschool and we had a blast!! The girls ran from house to house, we adults chatted, it was so much fun!! Then our friends invited the girls to sleepover, as co-op was cancelled today due to a Halloween Party at the facility yesterday.

Michelle said...

I'm with you! Last year I told a group of teenagers that I don't give candy to those who don't make the effort to dress up. They were rude as they left but they left. I think it is the fact that they feel entitled to the candy that bothers me the most. They have taken what is supposed to be a fun tradition and destroyed it! We have since moved and live out in the middle of nowhere so we didn't have anyone this year! It was nice!

Jessica said...

I think I just enjoyed the day more when I was not in my neighborhood. That sounds weird but I did not have the stress of not being with the girls (we went as a family every year). I did not much like being split up between tick or treating and being home to cover the candy. Next year I have a feeling we will end up back at my Mom's.

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