Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Monday Happenings

What I would give for a entire day to spend at home!  One of the biggest fallacies of “homeschooling” is that we are actually home!
This morning we graphed our Halloween Candy and read on the couch with the dogs.

We went to the orthodontist to pick up retainers.  In the car I mentioned that today is November 1st.  I said that I was grateful for my girls and being home with them.  Lilah said she was thankful for being born.  Grace was thankful for her stuffed animals, whom she loves as much as her real animals.  I mentioned that I would like to keep track of what we are thankful for every day all month.  Ever-creative Lilah, set right to work and created a turkey booklet for us to record our daily gratitude.  She gave us directions, told us what to cut and let us choose colors.  With her direction, we each had a part in the construction of the turkey.  Then we added what we are grateful for.  I love that I let this moment happen.  

We had lunch at one of our favorite places in town.  The retainers called for an ice cream shake (which they always make with my packet of Carnation Instant Breakfast) on orthodontist days.
Every Monday the girls have their job.  They walk our friend’s puppy.   This was the first time they did it 100% on their own.  They opened up the house, put the puppy on the leash, walked him around the block for 30 minutes, filled his water and locked the house behind them.  I am so grateful my girls have this opportunity.  It not only gives them a bit of pocket money, it gives them responsibility, independence and something they do together.  
Every Monday we also have Grace’s flute lessons.  Today while she was in her lessons, Lilah and I took photographs to illustrate a story she is working on.  The story was conceived when she left behind her 4 favorite dolls, called her Lovely Dolls.  The coffee shop kept them safe until Greg was able to get there before closing so Lilah could have her dolls to sleep with.  When she woke the next morning, she wrote a story about the dolls escaping from her bag while she was in the coffee shop.  The dolls ordered massive amounts of coffee drinks and then went shopping at our favorite eclectic furniture store, our favorite knitting store, took a class at the art school and ended up back at the coffee shop.  At each store we spoke to the staff, told them what we were doing and asked permission to photograph in their store.  They were happy to help.  The woman at the knitting store asked Lilah to come back and share her finished story.
I can’t wait for that!  


Theresa said...

Love it! Seriously I love it all! I love your ideas! I am thankful for your friendship and inspiration. I am trying to come up with a way to add a gratitude list to my blog!!

I wanted to graph our candy, but between sleepover dates and oral surgeon appointments and working extra hours this week...not sure if that is going to happen!

Karen said...

I love it too! Sunday at church our preacher was telling that his family had a jar they would put 'blessings'. No matter how large or small when something happened, it went into the jar. They read them at Thanksgiving. Isn't that the coolest? Kei and I have started our blessings jar.

Kei loved Lilah's doll story idea! Can't wait to read it.

Linda said...

Thank you for sharing a snap shot of your Monday. It is truely a fallacy that homeschoolers spend their time at home! If your calendar looks anything like ours, we have to schedule time at home! The turkey thanks booklet is an awesome idea.
Homeschooling 1 child for 3+ years with Time4Learning!!

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