Monday, November 8, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time

It is 8:00am on a Monday morning.  The world outside my window is coated in white.  Leaves blow and swirl in the gusty wind.  The freezing rain is pelting off my window panes.  Thankfully, we are warm and cozy inside.  My girls have already been outside in their pajamas documenting the first visual proof that winter is here. Soon they plan to blog about it.  As the school buses rolled by splashing slush, loaded with children wearing hats and mittens looking out at the slush, my girls were in it, appreciating it, playing in it.  Their favorite picture is of our dogs’ paw prints on the back stairs.  I wonder what they will write?  
They are back inside and I sit with my hot cup of coffee, my dogs curled at my feet, and the radiators of our old home creaking away.   This is my idea of wonderful.  The girls are now upstairs cleaning their room. their room at 8 am on a Monday morning because THEY WANT TO!!  Most wonderful.  
I have looked forward to this season at home with my girls.  If today were a typical school day of one year ago, I would be scrambling to find hats, scarves and mittens.  I would be packing lunches and looking for misplaced folders.  Three umbrellas would be needed for the walk down the hill to school.  Recess would be cancelled for as long as anything white is on the ground, our school’s policy is that children stay indoors.  The reason -- snow and ice are too dangerous.  Really?  It is just November.  Winters can be very  long here in New England. The children will be kept inside a long time.   If my girls want to go out, the door is open for them.  When they get cold, they come back in.  How wonderful to have no restrictions on fresh air!
Now I sit listening to the patter of rain slowly melt the accumulation of ice and snow and I hear music coming from upstairs.  Grace and Lilah asked for permission to view youtube for their favorite Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift videos to listen while they clean.  Grace grinned ear to ear and told me this is the “best morning ever!”.  Yes, baby it is.  
What a wonderful start to a brand new week!


Theresa said...

Aw, that does sound great! I am so happy that Grace is loving homeschooling!!

I miss living in New England ... here is NJ we don't get snow until maybe January and everyone panics. We laugh, because after our 5 years in New England, we feel like seasoned veterans of dealing with snow!

There is nothing like being inside when it is snowing...or even being outside..the world is so quiet and peaceful!

GARY said...

sounds like a great day to me, enjoy it!!!!!

Marcie said...

This is the second pic I have seen of your dog. I love him/her. What kind is it? My first reaction is poodle, but he looks so stout. We have two giant beasts (aka standard poodles).

Monica said...

We had our Monday morning tea with poetry enjoying the beautiful weather. We are blessed!

Karen said...

It sounds wonderful. I just read it to Kei and she loved it too. We don't get snow much here. Maybe an inch or so 2 or 3 times a year. But I love the picture you painted in my mind.

I am loving your homeschooling journey.

I saw your note, let me know if you find out anything about our adventurer. :)

Ritsumei said...

That sounds like an outstanding morning! We don't have snow - yet - but I know my Monkey will want to be in it! Not sure yet what the baby will think, LOL!

mamak said...

It was awesome! Winter is snuggly and sleepy paced here as well. love it! Glad you are enjoying it with 2, TWO!

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