Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Biggest Fan

Who is your biggest fan?  The person who supports you no matter what?  I am blessed that my biggest fan in my husband.  No matter what idea I bring to him he reflects on it and finds a way to partner with me to make it happen.  Go to China alone to study karate?  Go.  Quit your job and go to graduate school full time?  Quit.  Buy a puppy, and then another.  Well....okay but I am not loving it.  Volunteer at a homeless shelter?  Do it, I’ll be home for the girls.  HomeschoolLet’s learn about it and do it.  
This has been a tough week for Grace.  Monday was retainer day.  Her top one is just fine but the bottom one is causing her pain.  We gave it a day to see if the problem was just adjusting to it, but it seems a trip to the orthodontist is needed for some alterations.  Then on Tuesday she slipped and fell.  While reaching out to break her fall, she cut her hand on the metal floorboard heat coil cover.  A nasty cut that required 4 stitches.  She is in more pain than I would expect and so a trip to our pediatrician is in order for that too.
Now if she were in school, she would have missed most of the week.  She is weepy, tired and hurting.  But because she is home, my mind starts to spin.  Did we do enough math this week....probably not.   Did we cover the next chapter in history?  Not yet.  Odysseus is still wandering the ocean and I will be finished pre-reading Caddie Woodlawn before Grace finishes that last 30 pages of  Zlata's Diary!
We did finish our candy graphs.  They each finished one of their stories, their amazing stories.  We went to the library.  We participated in a Girl Scout cookie booth.  We have read books by the fire.  We have had flute lessons and cooking lessons.  Sewing lessons too.  We are writing what we are thankful for daily.  
Who reminded me of this?  Greg.  When I shared my stress with him Tuesday night, he just smiled at me and told me to stop comparing it to school.  They are doing plenty.  What makes me believe him is the quality of what they are doing.  Their graphs are neat, accurate, and labeled. They are proud to display them.  Their stories are interesting, detailed and published.  I truly hope they share them on their blogs, but I totally get the reluctance to share fiction writing.  In an odd way it seems more personal than just spilling out your life to the world!
When I list what I am grateful for today, I already know what I will write.  Yesterday I wrote one word, Homeschooling.   Today I will also write one word.  Greg.


GARY said...

THUMBS UP !!!!!!


Jessica said...

Thanks Gary! Your brother is an amazing person isn't he?!

Karen said...

It sounds like you did tons! Things happen. Life happens. In PS when real life happens you have to 'miss school' and therefore 'not learn' But you are are realizing that true learning takes place every all the nooks and crannies and hills and valleys of "real life".

Jessica said...


This has been a week when I need the thanks!

Theresa said...

What a nice post! We are so fortunate to have husbands who are there every step of the way to encourage and support!!

mamak said...

He is a great man. I am a big fan.BIG FAN!

Kris said...

I'm biased, since Greg is my little baby brother, but yes, he is incredible. And so are you. I admire your courage to try so many different things (and tweak them as needed) and his willingness to work as a team to turn your dreams/ambitions into reality. My hat is off to both of you!

Sisterlisa said...

I really enjoyed reading about your day..some days grace is more important than 'knowledge'...bless your husband and family.

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