Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekly Accomplishments

If this week occurred one year ago, the outcomes would have been very different.  Monday Grace went for retainers.  I thought after having a palate expander, face crib (like headgear) and full braces, retainers would be easy peasy.  Ha!  When is anything easy?  Pain.  Tylenol, Motrin.  Tears.   She still made it to her flute lesson and we squeezed in some writing.  Not much else happened for her that day.  Monday Lilah and I had so much fun taking the pictures to illustrate her Lovely Doll story.  Her story chronicles her 4 dolls escape from her bag in our favorite coffee shop.  They visit all our favorite haunts in the arts section on New Haven before they find their way back into the bag.  She and I approached each shop keeper to ask permission to pose and photograph her dolls in their store.  The results were fantastic.  The story was published.  The Lovely Dolls are actually Henri Bendel dolls, made only for Henri Bendel stores (where her Dad happens to work).  He brought her story to work and shared it with some of his co-workers.  The Creative Director gave his input on her story!  I think that is pretty cool.
Lovely Dolls in New Haven

Tuesday brought Grace more pain.  We were supposed to participate in their Girl Scout Cookie Booth election day sale.  On our way out the door, Grace jumped off a stool, fell and sliced her finger on our baseboard heat cover.  It is a nasty cut.  I quickly made arrangements for my friend to pick Lilah up at the emergency medical center where we were going for stitches.  4 stitches later, we joined our friends at the cookie sale.  The girls sold $900 worth of cookies, with many dollars being donated to provide cookies for our soldiers.  The pain from the cut on top of the pain from the retainers overwhelmed Grace.  She was tired, cranky and sad.  But she finished her story about a girl living in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.  She is proud of her work as am I.  It is historically accurate, down to the timeline of the levee break.  She is now working on a second story featuring the same character.  Her family moves to Kansas after Katrina and this poor girl has the misfortune to encounter a tornado!  
we finished our Halloween candy graphs

By Wednesday I was in a slight panic.  If Grace were in school she would have missed three days (technically two since our public schools were off on Tuesday) but still......she would be facing loads and loads of make up work.  I was so grateful she was able to be home to recoup without the added burden of make up work.  When I voiced my distress over missing work at home, Greg  reminded me not to compare their home learning to school learning.  They were still accomplishing great things. 
Lilah wanted more typing lessons

Grace rebounded and when she felt better picked up her Life of Fred Fractions book and completed chapters 2 and 3!  She loves it and is proud of her work.  Lilah has been equally inspired in math and has completed many word problem in her Singapore word problem workbook.  During their Girl Scout meeting Thursday, the girls began a project to collect change and donate it to a charity in the spring.  This led to more graphing.  With their Dad (who surprised us with a day off) they graphed pennies, nickels and quarters.  The pennies were brought to the change machine to be cashed in.  $9 in pennies!
graphing money with Dad

Our week ended with a Harvest Party at the farm where we are CSA members.  It was held in one of their greenhouses, complete with fairy lights, delicious food and desserts.  Our friends were there and the children had a wonderful time.  The girls and their Dad are camping out right now in our living room in front of the fire for the night.  How great is that??!!  
Our accomplishments may be a bit different this week.  I am realizing how the quality of our life in growing in leaps and bounds.
  1. my daughter was able to recover from two tough days at her own pace without the worry of missing school and facing make up work.
  2. the girls were able to participate in a cookie sale that gave them a unique experience.
  3. we are transforming our living room into a pseudo-bedroom with mattresses on the floor where we do our work with our dogs in front of the fire.  Cozy!
  4. if they were in school they would not have been able to spend today with their Dad.
  5. if they were in school I would be very stressed over letting them watch a movie until 11:00 even if it was a Friday.
  6. even when I fear we are having a slow week, we are not.  We are just going at a different pace and that is okay.
what our lessons look like!


Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

I love your week! All the things that seem to sidetrack our week are growing and learning experiences too, they are just not quite so easy to document. Camping out with Dad now that is something to remember! Hope your daughter is feeling better and keep up the good work :)

mamak said...

All is well. It usually is. And if it's not, there is always a tomorrow. Breathe and smile. YOU are doing an awesome job, plus you have great kids.

wdworkman said...

I hope next week goes better for Grace! Your living room looks about like ours. We keep the mattresses stashed behind the couch when we're not using them, but that doesn't happen very often.
Janet W

Karen said...

Looks like the girls scored in the candy department! :)

I love the graphing ideas with the candy and the coins.

Quality of life...isn't that what it is all about?

Saw a site and wanted to share with you and Theresa. We are doing the free Egypt lapbook next week. We should move on but we just LOVE Egypt! Happy weekend.

Karen said...

When is the History Channel's "Odyssey"? I can't find it and didn't want to miss it. :)

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