Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Charmed Life

My girls and I live a charmed life.  Here was our day:
At nine o’clock this morning, we are picked up by our good friends to travel to New Haven for a concert at Yale’s Woolsey Hall.  We parked and bravely battled the cold windy city streets winding our way through the campus towards the hall.  We settled into our seats and waited for the concert to start.  This was a combined effort between the Yale Children’s Theater and The Saybrook College Orchestra.  The orchestral quality was supurb.  The music selection however, was too mature for elementary students.  Topping it off, the Children’s Theater wrote skits to perform in between pieces.  Two girls "interviewed"  famous composers such a Mozart, asking him to convince them why they should listen to classical music when it is “stupid” and boring”.  I was shocked that no one in charge would have questioned their skits and asked what the children in the audience would take away from this.  There were many schools in attendance.  I am sure that for some children this was their first exposure to classical music.  We left the concert early.  Grace commented she felt bad for the other children who had to stay with their classes until the busses picked them up.  As we walked to get lunch, we talked about why we left.  We talked about how classical music is beautiful and the composers are not stupid, but brilliant.  Our four children have been exposed to classical music before. My girls have studied composers through piano lessons and composer studies.  I asked what someone would have thought if this was their first introduction to classical music and they said they probably would think it was boring.  

Before lunch we popped into my favorite store for some window shopping.  Window shopping turned into buying hot chocolate mugs.  Grace was thrilled she finally has her own mug so she can be like me.  My friend bought 4 big, sweet, candycanes for the girls.  She surprised them on the ride home.
Next we had lunch.  Moe’s.  I have walked by this restaurant before many times but have never gone in because my girls claim not to like Mexican food (although they adore our friend’s authentic Mexican rice and soup) but will not try anything from a restaurant.  So they got food from the deli next door while I enjoyed black bean and chicken soup, chips and salsa, and a beef quesidilla.  Yum!
Driving home, the girls transformed their candycanes into sharpened peppermint spears, and my friend and I enjoyed our own treat of Vanilla Soy Latte from Starbucks.  Yum Yum Yum!
At 4:30 we celebrated another friend’s 7th birthday at her home in the “country”.  The girls played flashlight tag, haunted graveyard, warmed their hands by the fire pit, and zip lined fast as lightning downhill in the dark. They sipped hot chocolate, made snowglobes, and sang happy birthday.  I met new people who gave me insight into math programs and online sites similar to youtube but offer only educational videos.  I enjoyed chili with cheese and sour cream on a glider rocker in front of their pellet stove, cranked up to high.  Yum Yummy YUM!
On the way home my girls listened to classical music that they requested.  Beautiful, soothing, peaceful music.
Yes, we lived a charmed life.


Theresa said...

Sounds like a great day!

Was there not a purpose to those interviews? Was Mozart not convincing that classical music is NOT boring? It seems like they could have actually done something with that...sort of used it to dispel the notion that it is boring maybe. :/

Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

That does sound like a wonderful day!! Sorry the concert wasn't quite all that you hoped it would be. I like your daughter's comment about not having to wait for the bus!!

Jessica said...

Theresa, They tried but the overwhelming voice that was heard was the girl saying it was boring. After each piece she would say "yeah that was nice...but it is still booooring" in a whiny voice. They dumbed it down for the kids rather than built it up.

My friend and I were glad that the girls were able to critically analyze the concert.

See Jamie Blog said...

Sounds like a beautifully fun day -- despite the weird/failed attempt at those interviews.

Karen said...

Sounds like a great day. We have noticed at times that when PS kids are in attendance at things we go to that they seem to dumb it down also. I think that PS school kids get to go places as a class so rarely that they miss the 'learning' aspect. Our kids go places so much they understand the learning aspect of it.

Moe's is one of our favorite places to eat. "Welcome to Moe's". Did you know they only play music from dead musicians? :)

A charmed life indeed.

Please share the video sites you discovered!

Jessica said...

I will email you the sites. The first is Alek math (which I am sure you have heard of but it is new to me) and the other I have written down in my notebook and can't remember!

I am not convinced it is a public school/homeschool thing. I think that the coordinators for field trips just don't give children in general credit for the intelligence they have. If they did, there is no way they would present such drivel to them. I know they are not little adults, but please! Stop talking to them like they are incapable of formulating thought, opinions and being able to support them. I just annoys me.

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