Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Solstice!

When would my girls have the opportunity to view their first lunar eclipse on the Winter Solstice?  Never again if not for last night!  It was another moment where I was thankful for homeschooling.  If this had been last year I don’t think I would have set an alarm for 3:00am to wake up a house of sleeping people.  Back then, I tended to be fairly rigid with rules like bedtime because sending sleepy kids to school is no fun for anyone.
It turns out I did not need the alarm.  The storm that missed coastal Connecticut and brought snow to Cape Cod and the islands, gave us some high wind.  As fascinated as Grace is with weather, she is terrified of windy nights.  At 1:00 she crawled into bed with us.  We kicked Jake (the dog) out to make room for her long, lanky body.  At 2:00 Lilah came in to tell us she had a dream about being stuck in quicksand.  Poor baby.  Nightmares are awful.  I got her tucked back into her own bed since she declined the invitation to crawl in with us.  Upon returning to my bed I found Jake curled up in my spot!  Rather than kick him off again and listen to him pace the floor, I shoved his child-sized body over and reclaimed my spot in the bed.  It was good planning on our part to get a king-sized bed ten years ago!
My alarm went off at 3:00am.  Wide awake I searched for the moon.  The wind howled so rather than go outside, I went window to window looking for the red glow, the orange haze I was expecting.  Where was the clear night I saw when I went to bed?  Where were the stars?  Not believing that for the first time I decide to be the cool mom and let my kids get up, it would be for naught, I threw on Grace’s coat and ventured outside.  All around my house I looked for the elusive moon.   All I could see was light pollution reflecting off a solid layer of clouds.  Disappointed, I crawled back into bed.  Greg then decided he would check as well.  By now the girls were both awake, as were both dogs.  We told them there was nothing to see but at least we gave it a try!  Disappointed, they both fell back to sleep.
By the time I was able to fall back asleep, Greg’s alarm clock went off at 4:40, signaling the start of his day.  I really just should have got up.  Actually I should have just stayed up!  Think of all I could have accomplished if I was awake since 3:00am!  The laundry, the dishes, the decluttering.  But the bed beckoned me back to my warm fleece sheets and waiting dog and child.  Anyway, it is the solstice.  A perfect excuse for a sleep in!


Jodi Whisenhunt said...

Aw, I didn't get up, but a friend told me it there were too many clouds here in TX too. Bummer! Sounds like you'll need a "long winter's nap" today ;)

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The Adventurer said...

Hi there following back:) We are in England and it was just too cloudy to see anything so we saw it on the web this morning. Thank goodness for internet:) My Daughter is a huge Percy Jackson fan she has read all the books and I am on the last one right now. Loved the camp half blood idea her birthday is coming up might have to work with that somehow:).

Debbie's L'Bri said...

It is wonderful to homeschool. You can work projects any time of the day or night. And sleep when you are tired.

Monica said...

I'd have gone back to bed too, just like you... Actually, I did go back to bed as well! There's nothing like the feeling of snuggling back into a warm bed on a cold night. Enjoy it and don't beat yourself up!

Karen said...

We didn't get to see it either. Too cloudy. I so agree with you about the HSing.

I remember a few years ago when the Perseid's Meteor Showers were expected. Kei and I were outside with several kids from the neighborhood. One by one they had to go in for bed but Kei and I stayed up until 2:00 AM. It was a spectacular sight and one neither of us will ever forget.

Winnie said...

It was a big bummer. I was really exsited too. Hopefully we can see another eclipse just not on the shortest day on the year!!!!!
Hope you got some more sleep.



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