Thursday, December 16, 2010


How I wanted to love this show....  I really really did.  But I didn’t.  Thankfully Grace and her good friend did love it.  They loved every minute of it.  Grace loved the skateboarding, inline skating, biking and trampolining.  She loved the acrobatics, the flexibility, and the creativity displayed by the performers.  I think she also loved being in New York City with just her girlfriend (and me of course!).
This was supposed to be a family holiday event.  The tickets were purchased back in August for 1/2 price through a homeschooling yahoo group.  I am hesitant to book things that far in advance, especially in the winter months because inevitably one of my girls will get sick.  This time it was Lilah.  After three days of a stomach virus, there was no way I was taking her on a train, into the close cramped mass of humanity that is NYC during the holidays.  With an already weakened immune system, there is no telling what should would catch next.......
So I offered the ticket to Grace’s friend and the three of us went.  Here are the highlights of our day.
Mad Libs on the train
Grand Central Station

waiting for a taxi
almost there

we gave the hat to Lilah

Times Square at night

Bryant Park with view of Empire State Building
The girls and I had a great day.  There is nothing like New York at Christmas.  It totally made up for me not loving the show.

I was expecting more from a Cirque de Soleil performance.  More of a story line.  The show needed something to move it along, other than just acrobatics.  Wintuk is a wintery place, a magical place of beautiful princesses who fly through the air, enormous white cranes that help fight off evil giant snow monsters and a land where there is snow.  The story begins in an urban setting that has no snow.  But there is no quest.  No movement from place to place.  The first half was urban, and when the curtain rose after intermission, we were in Wintuk.  The narrator, a resident of Wintuk announced to the boy seeking snow he completed his quest by finding true friendship, fighting monsters and seeing snow. Really?  I asked myself?  How was I to know his quest?  This really was not much of a quest after all.  
That being said, the show was entertaining.  I especially loved a ridiculously flexible woman dressed up as a rag doll who really made us question if she was alive or a puppet.  Watching the girls face as they were showered with tissue paper snowflakes at the end of the show was priceless.  I am glad Grace was able to see this show before it retires at the end of this season.  I think it was more suited to her than to Lilah who would have preferred the Radio City Show.  Hmm......maybe I can get cheap tickets for that next year!


Karen said...

Even though it wasn't as great as you wanted it to be, it looks amazing! What we wouldn't give to be able to jump on a train and have NYC at our fingertips.

Love the picture of Grace in the hat. Hope Lilah is feeling better.

Jessica said...

I hope I did not sound spoiled! I had a fantastic day with Grace and her friend. It was just that the show was not the best part for me. Watching their surprised faces when they saw the skating rink, or seeing how Grace could not take her eyes off all the lights in Times Square and just having an older girls day was the best part. Tickets to this show are super expensive. We passed on it last year when I could only get them at full-price. I just think for the money, I would see something different, like The Radio City Show or the NYC Ballet's Nutcracker. A few years ago we spent $10 per ticket to see a children's opera at Lincoln Center and I LOVED it. But then, of course, my girls did not. You win some, you lose some. At least the journey was rememberable!

Marcie said...

I have to agree with the first comment. I would love to be that close to NYC again. I graduated from high school about an hour north of NYC and what a wonderful experience. However, I am now in TX and how wonderful would it be to have all that the city offers at my fingertips. (and no you don't sound spoiled! I am just a little jealous. ;0)

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