Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

I am getting the winter blues.  I long to see my toes in bright blue nail polish sticking out of flip flops rather than covered up in my favorite fuzzy slippers.  Today, when I was daydreaming of warmer days, sitting by the pool sipping an ice tea instead of bundled on the couch under my comforter, sipping steaming hot tea, I found myself humming the tune, 

"When the dog bites
when the bee stings
when I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
and then I don't feel so bad"

These are my favorite things right now that get me through these cold, dreary winter days.

Perfekt Lotion.  No words can do this miracle gel justice.  My face is naked without it.  In the summer it soothes sun-kissed skin and during this dry skin weather, it provides moisture and smooths away fine lines.  Love it!

Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Soap.  This is a new find and I love its creamy texture and mild fragrance.  Not only it is a great body wash, it is mild enough to use as a face wash as well.

My Henri Bendel cashmere sweaters, sadly these are no longer available in stores.  I have a theory that everyone should be able to wear jeans that look great on them paired with a soft cashmere sweater.  This is basically my winter "uniform".

Ugg slippers.  Mine are dingy pink and stained with coffee spills.  They are old-old-old and I love-love-love them!

My girls and I get wicked chapped lips.  Our pockets are stuffed with lip balm.  My favorite is by Origins.

 What is going to get you through the next 60 days until spring decides to grace us with her presence?  


Karen said...

I just really like reading about the things that make It is like knowing things about people because you have a history. All of us, these friends on the net, don't have a history yet, but we can take these peeks inside.

I love Ugg's too. And I have to try Perfekt Lotion now!

Jessica said...

Karen, I love Perfekt....I discovered it through a sample. Fortunately Greg gets it for a discount at work but one pump bottle lasts me about 6 months.

mamak said...

So could one's friend get the perfekt through a certain husband., who may or may not get a discount...

Monica said...

I love these winter days when the snow or ice make me cancel our plans, and we just have to stay home. I make myself some hot chocolate, sit on my sofa by the window wearing my fabulous, bright, yellow with frogs feety pajamas, cover myself with my favorite blue blanket (gift from a dear friend of mine ;-))and just watch the snow fall. I don't like the long, cold winter, but these moments are magical.
I love to spend time with my friends. I love freshly baked bread, although I don't make it to often, because we end up eating half a loaf in one sitting. I love to watch my children sleep.
So many wonderful things, thank you for making us think and be grateful for them.

Helena said...

Jessica, outside, on the other side of the puddle from you, the cicadas are chirping, the sun is beating down, and inside the dog is lying on the cool tiles…summer is finally here. So I'm thinking of you over there, all done with winter, and I'm closing my eyes and sending you some Warm. Do you feel it? Should I send some more?!

I've loved your wintery images, all the photos you've posted. So, even though I know you're ready for Spring, thank you for sharing your winter with me.

And those favourite things look lovely. I have purple Uggs and I love love love them too! :) said...

Wonderful list! For me, it's my fireplace, my cozy fleece throw that my nephew gave me for Christmas, my warm and cozy Target brand Ugg knock-off boots, a warm cup of decaf coffee and best of all, my snuggly co-sleeping 2 year old.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing a few of your favorite things. I think I'm going to look for that soap next time I'm at Trader Joe's.

Where do you buy the perfekt lotion?

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