Monday, February 28, 2011

Beach Clean

I wonder if Grace was inspired by this:
Check out the amazing journey this family is embarking on!

I added it to her blog roll......

When I read my daughter's blog, I discovered she wanted to plan this:

How cool.

It is not the best time of year for a beach clean up.

It was cold.

But we dressed warm.

Our friends came.

They brought their parents too!

We walked the beach with our plastic bags and non-latex gloves searching for the oddest bit of trash.

I did not think we would have so many items to choose from.


Flower pots.

Shotgun shells.


Laundry detergent bottles.

You did well Grace.  You made our part of the world a little cleaner, a little healthier.  You planned, organized and implemented.  You saw a wish turn into a reality.  Your Dad and I  are proud of you.  In fact, we are proud of all of you!


mouster said...

thanks for inviting us the kids had a blast. amber gets so made at when she see's people not taking care of the earth

Jennifer said...

Good job!!!
I've been reading their blog too. Such a neat journey they are on, isn't it?

Theresa said...

That's great! My Uncle's girlfriend used to live on the Long Island Sound and we would go at the beginning of each season and help pick up trash that had washed in or somehow made its' way there over the winter.

So great that Grace was able to coordinate this!!

Jessica said...

@ mouster- we are so glad you gave up a Saturday morning to help Grace realize this dream of hers. I love how we support each other's children. Very very cool.

@ Jennifer - it sure is. I am hoping they make their way to the Northeast so I can meet them.

@ Theresa - I could not believe how much trash there was. The beach are was clean but we have an inlet where a tributary from one of the rivers runs into the Sound and the trash collects in the grassy area. We could have spent more time and collected more but we simply ran out of time and we were so cold! She wants to do it again soon.

Karen said...

I love this!! I love kids who are committed to making their world a better place. This looks like such a wonderful, fun day. YAY Grace!!

mamak said...

Count us in for spring! We are wimpy New Englanders who are available for three seasons only! What an awesome job! Grace you rock!

Helena said...

How inspiring, Jessica! How awesome that Grace set it all up. It must have been an amazing day, even in all that cold! Thanks so much for sharing the pics. I love Grace's smile and her spotty boots! :)

Anonymous said...

very cool,hopping from the hhh:-)

Deb Chitwood said...

What an awesome project - and how wonderful that your daughter set it all in motion! It's so great to see kids (and families) who are making the world a better place! Visiting late from the Hip Homeschool Hop. Deb @ Living Montessori

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