Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dreams Cost

I feel like someone close to me has undergone plastic surgery and altered their face to the point I no longer recognize them.  Sitting here at my dining room, looking into what was my kitchen space feels a bit odd.   I recognize my old space but it feels entirely new.  Not quite like my home.  It takes some getting used to.
Looking from my kitchen into my dining room

I have waited 12 years for this project.  Twelve years!  That is a long time.  I keep reminding my children of this.  Today it seems that whatever the want, you just go to the store and get it.  Pick up milk on the way home.  Stop at Barnes & Nobel to get the next book in the series they are reading.  The bigger wants conveniently appear around birthdays and holidays, like the itouch and the Wii.  Well....to be fair the girls did want the Wii for almost 2 years before they received it.  

looking from my living room into my kitchen

I want to teach them the difference between wants and needs.  Also the difference in the scale of wants.  A new book is a reasonable want.  But you still need to have $5 available for the purchase.  A new car, a new kitchen, a new house.  These are much different than a book, or a gallon of milk.  Not everything is life is available at Walmart or Target.  You can’t just stop on the way home and order up a remodeled kitchen.  It takes time.  Lots of time to plan, save, plan, and save some more. 

the view from my dining room into my kitchen

Our appliances were all purchased at the scratch and dent outlet nearby.  I love them,  but they are not perfect.  Our old appliances were given away; my stove to a friend in need, my refrigerator to a family I met on Freecycle and my dishwasher will also be given to the same friend who took the stove.  Needs that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars are not easy to come by.
To help drive this point home, I am going to show the girls the newest blog started by Stephanie from Metropolitan Mama, Give Every Day.  I have been following her blog for some time.  Did you know she was homeschooled?  Stephanie, her husband and two young daughters decided to rent out their suburban home, pack their belongings into a RV trailer and travel the country for one year with the sole purpose of helping other people.
Their journey has just begun.  But the process they went through to fulfill this dream took a long time. Sometimes I see children give up on a dream or lose interest because it seem too hard, too complicated and just too difficult to achieve.  Dreams usually are.  That is when the child needs the guidance of a parent, teacher, or mentor to show them that dreams are not achieved all at once.  Your odds of winning the lottery are slim.  Dreams take hard work, perseverance and determination.  Baby steps every day will march you towards the desired result.  To quote one of my favorite shows growing up, Fame, “Well, fame costs. And right here is where you start paying ... in sweat.”
What is your sweat equity?  What are your dreams?  Are you taking baby steps every day to make them a reality?


Theresa said...

I read this a little while ago and I have been thinking about it ever since. What are my dreams? What are my dreams? I know I used to have them...

I think I have gotten so busy in living my day to day life, educating my kids, worrying that I am doing the right thing, worrying about the economy, wondering what it will be like when my girls go to college... thinking about what I want to do when my girls go to college...and I have lost my ability to dream...

Thanks for the reminder...Dreaming is big and important...

Karen said...

Fame was my favorite show! I loved Leroy!

Thanks for the link to Give Every Day. Kei and I are following along now.

This project will be such a wonderful life lesson for your girls. :)

Anonymous said...

Just remember that THIS WILL BE WORTH IT! Thanks for sharing pictures along the way!

Stephanie said...

Yes, you are definitely right. Pursuing dreams is hard work...that often involves stress, sweat, and tears. BUT it is also rewarding and worthwhile work.

Thank for sharing our story with your readers. :)


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