Monday, February 7, 2011

Studying Through The Stress

When I was thinking of how to homeschool through a home construction project, I thought about some of the things I have wanted to do but have not had the time to do. Over the summer I bought I book I thought looked both fun and interesting:  A Study About My State, Bringing the World to Life by Michelle Zopa.    It is a 40 page intensive research project.  Rather than have the girls write in the book, I photocopied the pages so each girl can keep a binder and we will have to book to reuse if we want to study another state!
Staying home during construction is not an option for us.  The stress of the noise combined with the stress of havng most of our daily items shuffled to new locations is too much for my girls to handle.  So what better time to escape to the library every day this week to work on our State of CT study??
This project will combine internet and traditional research.  Today we used an Encyclopedia, a traditional Atlas, as well as a pile of non-fiction books about Connecticut.  We used these books to find maps of our state, population figures, area, major cities, neighboring states and closest bodies of water.  We used the internet to find the correct spelling of the newly elected Governor and the U.S Senators and Representatives.
I photocopied the first 15 pages.  Each girl could pick and choose which page to work on and in what order she would progress.  Grace is very deadline driven.  She completed every single page.  Not one for illustrating anything, I let Grace make some photocopies for her project.  But first I showed her how to use the photocopier independently.  Since it is located on a different floor, she felt very mature running up and down the stairs independently copying what was needed.  

Lilah on the other hand, loves to illustrate!  She spent 30 minutes on one page.  She has little regard for deadlines.  She did not complete all the pages for today.  But that is okay....we will just see how it goes tomorrow.  I would rather they each work at their own speed, enjoy the project, retain the information, and be proud of their finished product.

When we finish this project....I have another great resource just waiting for us:  Philosophy for Kids!

What we came home to after the library!


Theresa said...

Wow, it's not that messy at all...looks like you won't even be without a kitchen?

Sounds like a great project. We did lapbooks of our state in the fall (before we started Story of the World). Sometimes I quiz the girls to see what they remember and am amazed. The especially loved learning the map and where things were located, which counties are in the East, West, Southeast, etc.

mamak said...

Look at your house!!! Woot!

Jessica said...

Theresa - that took 2 hours of solid cleaning to get the dust up! But the guys did an amazing job of not leaving behind one piece of wood for me to pick up. I was very thankful!

Kim - can't you just see it??? Very exciting!!!

Karen said...

I can't wait to see the finished product. I know this will be stressful but just keep breathing and think of the end results. :)

It is will amazing.

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