Sunday, February 20, 2011

Super Size Me

I have many documentaries on Netflix that I would love to find the time to watch.  We were all in a lazy watch tv kind of mood and rather than watch what I call “mindless tv”, I thought we could watch something interesting......I picked Super Size Me.  
Normally I always use before I veer off the rated G or PG movies.  In fact, I think Harry Potter is the only PG-13 movie my girls have seen.  But I figured PG-13, okay, we will talk about whatever comes up........
Immediately Grace was engrossed in the concept of Morgan Sperlock’s idea to document his one-month long journey of eating only McDonald’s food.  We have talked about the dangers of fast food but here was the proof.  Now she would now if Mom was right...or if Mom was wrong.  We watched the pre-experiment preparation, the doctor’s appointments, blood work analysis, nutritional advice and discussed how this will all be a baseline against which the results would be compared.  We talked about how his girlfriend is a vegan chef and how hard it would be for her to accept this choice he made.  
We watched Morgan vomit his food out a car window.  Grace had a similar experience the first and only time she ate McDonalds years ago.  We watched him become sluggish and tired.  We watched through one “bad” word, not bad enough to turn it off, but my censorship radar was up.  Then the F-bomb was dropped and the off button was quickly hit.  My girls did not catch the word and were mad at me for turning it off.  I explained to them that all we really needed to see were the results, so we fast forwarded to the end.
Twenty pounds later... the doctor’s visits and final blood work revealed some scary results.  Liver pickling.  Heart disease.  Weight gain.  Granted he ate what the “typical” person would eat in 8 months in just one, but all my girls heard were “life-threatening” “not the expected results” “stop this immediately”.  This translated into “we are NEVER eating fast food again”.  
That is a good thing....or is it?  
My goal is not to scare them off food.  Goodness knows I enjoy a Duchess crispy chicken sandwich.  But I do not enjoy them often.  In the movie the doctor talks about the connection between how much fast food is being consumed and the correlation to heath issues and obesity.  He says that we have been preparing food at home for ages, so that is not the issue.  I slightly object since prior to the industrial revolution we were preparing FOOD, not processed materials which can be found in almost any cabinet in just about any home in America.  He also said Mom and Pop restaurants have been around long before the obesity epidemic so they cannot be directly blamed.  He pointed the finger at McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell and the others of their kind.  
This helped me to explain to the girls that the restaurants we usually frequent are not fast food drive throughs.  The eggs are cracked in front of us, scrambled with a whisk and poured onto a griddle, just like at home.  Your food choices (bacon, sausage, etc) are what can make this kind of meal unhealthy.  If you stick to your normal choices, like eggs, oatmeal, plain pancakes, then it is fine.  The girls balance the extra caloric intake for that day with the amount of exercise they get.    The key is balance.  Balance your choices.  Balance the amount of times you go out.  Be mindful where you go out to eat.  Most of our meals, in fact I would say 95% of our meals are at home, eaten at the dining room table, together.
Our kitchen renovation has screwed up our eating habits a bit.  I have tried my best to keep us on the healthy track but we have had a few more pizzas for dinner and scrambled eggs not made by me but by our friends at the Mom and Pop place down the street. 

I am fine with my girls never eating at McDonalds, Burger King and Taco Bell. But please...let Mommy have her #6 combo from Duchess, every now and then.  I promise I will not super size it and the two or three I eat per YEAR will not super size me.


musicalmary said...

We watched this when it first came out and it was pretty disgusting!! Thanks for your comments at my blog today. The sale I was talking about is a local sale through our home educators' group. I guess I was misleading. Sorry!

mamak said...

We reserve fast food for serious road trips only. We pack what we can, and when we run out, we try and find a subway or a deli. I think I will try and find a grocery store on our next trip. We could restock the car with yummy healthy snacks, for much cheaper. Indulging in crap everyday is a horrible choice weather it be Mcd's or a huge bowl of ice cream. everything in moderation. It's a good rule!

Winnie said...

I would love to plan a beach clean-up! Thanks!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your comment!!!!!!!


Theresa said...

I never saw the movie. I feel like I know you well enough to tell you that I had an eating disorder when I was younger, so I tend to eat pretty healthy. Haven't had Burger King or any of that in years. When the girls were little playdates seemed to happen at those places & I tried salads and even they made me sluggish and made my pores feel like they were gushing oil. So I stuck with iced tea or diet soda.

I consider going out to eat & going out to dinner 2 different things. Going out to eat we usually go to Baja Fresh, Chipotle or Red Robin. I get Cobb salad at Red Robin, dressing & bacon on the side.

Going out to dinner is my preference, but those are places without kids' menus...those are places reserved for "date night". And if seared ahi tuna is on the menu--you can bet I am getting that! lol.

Karen said...

We watched this too. It just blew me away. We rarely eat fast food. I know so many people that live on the stuff but we eat it maybe 5 times a year. Usually something small at that. It is convenient for the times that we have to be somewhere at 7 am and need a quick breakfast, but usually she grabs a banana and some grapes.

I would like to start eating healthier now that spring is right around the corner. Are there web sites you could point me to?

Have a happy week!

Stephanie said...

Have you seen "Food, Inc."? That's a good one.

"The Business of Being Born" is also compelling.

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