Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An Update on Healthy Eating

An update on our journey towards healthy eating......
I am so happy to say that Lilah loves oatmeal.  Regular Quaker oats cooked in milk as well as my favorite, pinhead oatmeal slow cooked on the stove top for an hour.  We have to sprinkle it with a bit of brown sugar but that is one compromise I am willing to make!
Lilah made these for a playdate!  Aren't they gorgeous?
We now have veggies/fruit with just about every meal.  She discovered she loves snow peas, and raw green beans, and carrots dipped in milk.  She will eat broccoli flowers but not stalks, and has even tried a spoonful of squash!  She loves to dip her banana in her yogurt.  Finding a healthy yogurt has been a challenge since our local stores stopped selling Breyers for some reason.  Thankfully Yoplait has removed high fructose corn syrup so I am allowing that for now, even though I wish it had less sugar.  Quesedillas have become quite popular in my house lately.  Since Grace can eat the corn tortillas being that they are gluten free, the girls enjoy them with cheese and ham.  I like them with black beans, cheese with salsa and sour cream on the side!
Chocolate milk has been mostly eliminated.  Milk in general has been reduced.  The girls are getting their calcium from green vegetables, cheese and yogurt.  The oatmeal I make about twice a week uses three cups of milk!  But as a drink, we are switching it for water.  I have these great milk jugs that came from a local dairy farm.  I fill them up every day.  At first the girls were overwhelmed by the amount of water but now they drink it up!  Having the super cute Starbucks reusable straw helps.    They each can have one glass of juice a day as well.    I keep trying to get them to like tea but so far it has not caught on.  

We discovered that the girls love honey.  Greg brought home Trader Joe’s Mesquite Honey and it has an entirely different flavor.  They dip their spoons in for a healthy treat.
I know many families take healthy eating for granted.  This has been a struggle for me.  Presenting my girls with fruit and veggies is something I have always done but I could never get them to actually eat them.  My sister-in-law loaned me a great book: The World’s Healthiest Foods, Essential Guide for the healthiest way of eating.  If my girls ask me why I am giving them something, I pull out the book and we look up the food and it tells us what nutrition we get from it, where it is harvested and even gives various ways to prepare the food.  The key word is food!  I am trying to make my girls understand that food comes from the earth.  Food is what you get when you mix ingredients that come from nature.  Food is not made in a factory.  Food does not have ingredients that you cannot pronounce.
Lilah asked me one day about chocolate.  I told her that it does have health benefits, especially dark chocolate and a bit of chocolate is good for you.  Being a deep thinker, she wanted to compare different bars of chocolate to see how many ingredients there were.  She now knows the fewer ingredients the better and they should be all natural ingredients.  She took a Hershey bar, a Nestle bar, and when we were at Whole Foods I bought her a dark chocolate bar.  I am teaching her to use the copier to copy the back of the bar where the ingredients are listed.  She is then going to compare the ingredients, read the labels, and make a decision on which is the “healthiest” chocolate.  
Oh how far we have come in a few short weeks.  I have gone from hearing “Mom you are the, Meanest Mom Ever!”to “Mom!  Now that I am eating better I want a healthy snack before bed!” and “Mom!  My converse don’t fit me anymore.  I must be growing!”  
I’ll take that any day.


Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

Great job in changing your family eating habits! Oatmeal can be hit or miss here sometimes. Today I made a baked oatmeal that everyone really liked. The books sounds interesting, thanks for sharing!

Theresa said...

A lot of our homeschool friends have yogurt makers, apparently they are really easy to use.

Allie has never liked breakfast cereal and will always opt for oatmeal with dried cranberries or raisins in it or scrambled eggs or toast with peanut butter.

mamak said...

I need to try you pinhead oatmeal. I have never even seen it?! Great for you all. It feels awesome to see your kids diggin' the green goodness!

Karen said...

Kei has always liked veggies and fruits more than sweets. That being said, we could eat healthier. Your changes look awesome. Great job and great girls to finally realize it does make you feel better!

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