Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cookie Delivery Day!

Today was Girl Scout Cookie Delivery Day.  Greg took a sign made by Lilah and Grace to work and hung it in the cafeteria.  What were we thinking?  He sold 82 boxes!  Each of those 82 boxes had to be transported to Manhattan.  Hmmmm. It sure would have been easy to let him bring a carton to work each day over the course of a week, and then distribute the cookies on Friday.  But that would make this Greg’s project, not the girls who wear their Brownie and Junior vests proudly.  So we loaded up our Zuca bags and I packed the rest in a heavy duty contractor bag in my IKEA plastic tote.  (we were expecting at least an inch of rain).   Umbrellas in hand, we set off for NYC.  Walking with two kids in tow, each towing their own rolling bag through the throngs of people on 5th Avenue is not fun.  But all was worth it when we heard the shouts of “the cookies are here!” ringing down the cubicles in the office.
the girls and I sorting orders
Delivery with a smile!
Greg set us up in his office with a shelf, post it notes, marker and the best gift of chocolate and a vanilla latte from Macchiato, a coffee shop that puts Starbucks to shame.  Yummy!  I would be in serious debt if this shoppe were on my block.
As I read off the names, the girls sorted the orders and Greg showed them to each person’s location in the office.  It took longer than I thought - about an hour to hand deliver each order.
I realized it had been some time since I took the girls to Greg’s office.  Their perspective was very different from a year ago. They thought the conference room was very very cool.  They wondered if Greg has ever been in the room and if he ever watches the tv.  They asked him if his chair came with his office or did he have to get it special from someone.  They also asked him (rather loudly) why his office was different from others and that it must mean he is very special (a bit of an awkward moment!).  But he is special.  He works his heiny off every day and spends many hours away from us to give us the ability to have a Mom who is home all day every day and is able (and willing) to educate our girls.  I am so grateful to him for all he does for his girls.  He is special indeed.

Dad and his girls.
Another special thing about NY is that my Mom works there.  In fact, it was through her that I met Greg.  We all worked at London Fog briefly.  She and Greg worked there first, in the same department.  I came on board later, in the licencing department, and that is how he and I met.  We did not start dating until I left the company a few months later.  He and my Mom continued to work together for London Fog, then both went to work at Coach, then both went to work for the company my Mom now is employed by!   Greg has since left and is at his current company but they still commute together back and forth from New York every single day.  Anyway......she met us at his office.  We went for a quick burger at 5 Guys then headed home.
Lilah loves all things pretty.
She was given a compact that matches this mural.

It is just not a trip to Daddy's store without a little makeup.....

Despite the rain, the heavy load of cookies, the rude people who don’t understand that children cannot move as quickly as they can, and the realization that marijuana must have been legalized without my knowledge (I was seriously concerned about my children getting high walking home breathing in second hand pot smoke), it was a great day.  Spending the afternoon with Greg, the delish latte, watching my girls see yet another project through to completion, visiting his store, letting Lilah get her makeup done, having time with my Mom and hearing Lilah say “the show me state is Missouri!  See Stack the States teaches me!” and having Grace point out that Zeus is above the GE Building was worth it all. 
2 silly girls at 5 Guys.

This morning I said I would not be selling cookies next year because it is simply too much work.  Now I am not so sure.....


Tom/Tabitha said...

Loved reading this. Just a story of what sounds like a great day in a place I may never visit... a little piece of life as a home educating family :) Thank you.

musicalmary said...

So, a good day for your tween? ;-). Looks like fun! My kids always enjoy going into Atlanta to daddy's office downtown. They get to live his life for a short time and always get a fun lunch out!

Marcie said...

It sounds like a day that a lot of work paid off for a whole lot of fun! it always surprises me when something so basic can lead to so much more. Glad y'all had a good day!

Monica said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome! Loved it! What a fabulous day! LOL about the marijuana!
We are sooooo copying you next year!

Karen said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. Where does Greg work? LOL on the marijuana smoke. I was reading the last paragraph to Kei and she looked horrified when I read that part. ;)

Don't you love Stack the States? Have you grabbed Cat Physics? It is Kei's newest app addiction. I love it too.

There isn't a Girl Scout group here, at least not a HS group. There is one about 45 minutes from here but that is too long to drive. Hmmm I may need to check into that again because Kei said, after seeing your pictures, "I would love to do that."

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