Monday, March 21, 2011


Sometimes the coolest things happen when you are least expecting it.  My beautiful artistic friend came over for a playdate today.  I asked her to show us how to felt.  She makes the most stunning pregnancy dolls and the wall hangings in her home are to die for.  
The girls loved it.  I think it gives them each something unique.  Grace loves knitting but it is a bit sedate for her.  Felting is faster and more tactile.  Perfect for her!  Lilah is very creative and has the patience to see a project through.  
Their first attempt with this new artform was a flat two-dimensional picture.  Lilah did a smiley face and a globe.  Grace created an owl perched on a branch.  
Looks like I have some researching to do.  We need some needles, a foam pad and wool.  Lots of beautiful colorful wool.....


Theresa said...

Wow. I always thought felting was when you knitted something loosely and then washed it so the stitches tightened up and looked like felt.

Looks like I have some researching to do as well...

My girls LOVE art, but we just have not found a lot of time for it and I feel really badly about it. I am determined to change that!

Jenilee said...

that is too cool! what a great craft! thanks for visiting my blog today :) raising girls isn't easy and we need each other :)

musicalmary said...

I think what Theresa said... I know so little about so much! Anna learned to knit and now her interest has waned, so perhaps I need to research this for a fun summer project. Can you point me to any resources?

Re: Nefertiti - I just reserved it from the library! I was so tempted to buy it from Amazon, but I just spent too much there today on books to go along with Story of the World. We are hooked on the ancients.

I think we are quite similar!


Helena said...

This looks like so much fun, Jessica! My kids would love to try it. Hmm, another cool project for our To Do list, I think!

And, I have to ask: How did the lentil bolognese go? I loved the image of it simmering as you pottered about. I hope you all enjoyed it.

Wish we could sit and felt with you! (And eat lentil bolognese, too:) )

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