Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Road-Schooling V - Shedd Aquarium

Our experience with the Shedd Aquarium did not go quite as planned.  I should have listened to my mothering instincts when we were told that the wait time to reach the ticket booth was an hour and a half and left.  So from the beginning it was a lose/lose.  Leave and have unhappy kids or wait and have unhappy kids.  We waited and as predicted, I had an unhappy kid......
One of my daughters has a very hard time with crowded places combined with lots of visual and auditory stimulation.  This was way to much for her to handle.  We did a quick tour of the major exhibits, missed the dolphin show (all shows were sold out until 4pm), grabbed lunch, hit the gift shop and went home.  But all was not lost.  I have learned that no matter what, on a road trip you will find the positives.
coolest frog ever!
  • Grace discovered she likes salad!  Being gluten free this opens up a whole new world for her.  So far grilled chicken salad is her favorite.
  • Lilah showed her generous spirit in the face of adversity.   She was not ready to leave the aquarium.  Yet she knew that was our plan because two of our four children needed to leave.  She said she can always go to the Boston Aquarium and the Mystic Aquarium is “just as good”.  She then spent her own money to buy her Dad a great souvenir (I can’t tell you because he is reading from home).  
  • Grace also spent her own money to buy her sister a little something to remember the trip.  I love that they think of each other and not only of themselves.  They budgeted their money and both are returning home with money in their wallets.
  • We were able to drive through downtown Chicago.  We saw the “bean” although I have no idea what the significance of this landmark is........perhaps someone can fill me in!  The girls were amazed that the city is so calm.  Unlike New York with its throngs of people jocking for position on the corners of 5th Ave and horns blaring constantly, Chicago had few people walking on the streets and we counted hearing just four beeps of a horn.  A very civilized city!
joy is not found in things, it is found in us!
  • Both of the children who needed to decompress caught a nap in the car on the way home.  By the time we returned to home base, they were rested and ready to enjoy our last night with our friends.
can someone explain the Bean?

At times it was a difficult day, but through it all the positives kept shining through reminding me of the power of love and family and friendship.  


Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

Shedd Aquarium is awesome, glad you were able to enjoy some of it!

Stacey said...

Sorry shedd was crowded...its awesome but its better to avoid spring breaks and holidays. And the bean...being a native Midwesterner, I always took it to be symbolic of the farming industry. The Chicago board of trade is where all the grain futures are sold...kinda like the wall street of farming.

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