Friday, March 25, 2011


This is what I dreamed about when Greg and I discussed homeschooling....having the freedom and the flexibility to do what we want, when we want.  The girls and I decided to take the long drive to Chicago to visit our friends who moved several years ago.  We always wanted to go but I am not a comfortable flyer and there was just not time to take a road trip.  The years passed and about two weeks ago she mentioned that her son has school vacation next week and I blurted that we should drive out!!! 
I have never taken a road trip of this magnitude without Greg.  I got myself worked up into a fright over it.  The ride is not complicated.  Just one highway for the most part.  But 16 hours and an overnight in a hotel is definitely a first for me as a Mom.  Normally Greg and I trade off driving.  I honestly do not love my car.  I have a Prius and it gets decent mileage - we made it to Ohio averaging 46mpg.   But I am 5’8 and I cannot straighten my legs in both the driver side and the passenger side.  By hour three my tukas hurts and starts to go numb.  So we stop often.  Every time the girls said “oh look!” I found a rest area to pull over in.  We stopped in every state, New York, Pennsylvania and of course Ohio, where we are holed up for the night in a very pleasant Hampton Inn.

scenic overlook in New York

There was much fun and only a few whines of “are we there yet?”  Grace was my assistant, using her iTouch to track our path along I84 and I80.  Lilah was inspired to play hours of Stack the States on her iTouch.  At the PA rest area, we picked up a complimentary map and they played scavenger hunt finding hiking trails, county boarders, and rest areas.  I wish I could have been truly reckless and taken a picture through my rear view mirror at the scene in my backseat.  It made me smile.  The played with their dolls and stuffed animals.  They played several rounds of Sleeping Queens.  
PA rest area
I loved that they were able to experience what wide open space looks like.  Lilah asked me what in the world they do with all that land!  I told her they farm it!  In her opinion, there should be some playground scattered throughout......  We saw some Amish farms and marveled at what it would be like to live without our modern conveniences.  We also  marveled at the landscapes driving through the hills and valleys of New York and Pennsylvania.  I was very glad we pushed our trip back one day.  While we had just a dusting of snow in CT, the mountain tops were covered in thick ice.  It cast a grayish tone on the evergreens and even though I wanted to take a picture, there was no way I could do it justice.  It was stunning.

back seat navigators
But now after dinner and a quick dip in the pool, I am tired.  Ready for bed tired.  I might fall asleep before my girls tonight while they watch iCarly reruns on Nick in their queen beds snuggled up with every stuffed animal they could squeeze into their bags. 
Stay tuned for part II of our road trip tomorrow!


mamak said...

Yeah! Your blogging it! I adore road trip so much. Thank you for sharing yours. I smiled the whole time and now there are laugh lines present on my aging face. Those are some happy wrinkles!

Growing Blessings said...

Safe travels for you and your girls! These are memories in the making....

Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

What a fun trip! Your girls will always remember this road trip with mom :)

Ingi said...

I dream of doing a roadtrip across the U.S.! We have driven across Australia! Keep having fun!

Karen said...

This is one thing that I want to do so badly and just haven't. As HSers we have the perfect opportunity to 'take off' on trips but we limit ourselves to mostly day trips.

I get a little freaky about doing this too for some reason. Not sure why, is this world of cell phones and GPS's. You have inspired me... The girls look like they are having such fun!!!

About to read Part 2.

Theresa said...

I just saw this! Great pictures! What a great experience for all of you!!! Have a happy, safe, trip!

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