Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Favorite clothes set aside                  check
iTouch, Nook and cell phones charged        check
directions printed                        check
oil changed                        check
new tires installed                check
ez pass                                   check
appointments cancelled or rescheduled        check
Still to do......
  • clean out car
  • put some new books on the nook
  • pack my camera bag
  • pack the suitcase
  • make sure gas tank is on Full
  • make sure no favorite stuffy or blankey is forgot
  • pack up Grace’s favorite gluten free food
  • pack a cooler with lunch/snacks/drinks

Take a deep breath and go!
I wrote all this and then I checked the weather......................................UNCHECK.
One thing I really wanted to do now that my girls were out of school was take the time to try new things and go new places.  My closest friend moved to Illinois.  I was not too upset because she promised she would be back home in two years, before her son started school.  That was two years ago.  Since it looks like they will not be coming home anytime soon, or anytime at all for that matter, I decided it was time to visit her.  
Our first road trip!  The four of us have driven to Tennessee many times, but that was the four of us.  This would be a 14 hour drive just the three of us.  I found us a hotel half way and booked us a room on the way there and on the way back.  I  cancelled every appointment and playdate we had.  The laundry was done and put into piles for packing.  I loaded up the iTouch with new songs and movies.  Audiobooks were readied.  The oil was changed and tires were purchased.
Then we watched the weather.  

What was supposed to be rain on Wednesday turned into snow on Thursday.  Here it is supposed to be just 1-3 inches but to the west, where we will be driving,  they are preparing for 10+ inches!  This could totally derail our first road trip.
At first I thought that we could just push the trip back one day.  But that would interfere with Grace’s last basketball practice and game, which she wanted to be back for.  The best thing about not being tied to a schedule is that we can change our plans with very little effort.  If our trip does not happen this week, it can happen the next or even in April when the weather is a bit more reliable. Even though my friend’s son may be in school, instead of on vacation like he wil be next week, we could leave on a Wednesday, arrive on Thursday, spend a long weekend, and drive back on Monday.  Simple.  Basketball will be over and we will not be tied to any sports calendar.

That is a bit easier to rationalize when you are an adult.  Grace is checking her weather sites frequently, not only for the forcast here but for every major town or city between Connecticut and Illinois.  She was so so excited for this trip.  We are in limbo, waiting to see what happens.  Will we stay or will we go?

 For now we wait.  


Theresa said...

"Should I stay or should I go now??" ~ The Clash

I hope things work out for you, but I am sure they will in time. I was NOT prepared for this snow this morning! I was wearing a t-shirt outside just 4 days ago!!

Stephanie said...

ack! bummer!!

yep - certainly that's a benefit of this life - go when you wanna go! :)

'Cept when the weather shuts you down. Hmmph.

karisma said...

Better to go when it feels safe! It will be much more fun that way! Hugs xox

Jessica said...

No worries...we are enjoying the beauty of the snow and we will leave for our trip on Friday!

Marcie said...

I am definitely a non-planner, so not having to work around someone else's schedule is a huge benefit to me. I love being able to come and go. J always has a window of when we will be home be he is rarely sure. :)

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