Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weekly Accomplishments - I will rest when they are older!

Math:  Grace is 47% done with Aleks Level 5!  She has been working hard and we both learned something new this week.  Have you ever heard of a stem and leaf diagram? In my years of being both a student and a teacher, I have never heard of this.   We had so much fun,, answering the questions about the diagrams since they were written as real-life scenarios!  Lilah is also continuing with Aleks and my goal is to get her doing more math more often.  She has mastered lines and we reviewed plotting numbers and measurement.
Science:  We finished the reading for Chapter 3, which dealt with carnivorous plants.  We just happen to have a great friend who keeps these plants!  The girls emailed her to ask if she would teach a class for them on how to care for Venus Flytraps, Pitcher Plants, and Sundew Plants in our home.   She will!!!!  

History:  The girls watched Percy Jackson, the movie since we FINALLY finished the book!  Guess what.....they hated, loathed the movie.  On the way home from our freind’s house the girls gave the most detailed list of how the movie differed from the book.  Greg commented that he was amazed by all the details they remembered and how passionate they are about the book!
Activities: On Wednesday, we visited Hartford for Girl Scout Advocacy Day.  I blogged about that here.  On Thursday, we held a wonderfully successful food drive to benefit our local food pantry.  I blogged about that here.
We closed our busy week with a quiet day at home, reading and writing poetry.  Grace is almost done with My Last Best Friend.  Lilah is reading a Geronimo Stilton book and I am debating if I will finish or put down my current read, Wednesday Sisters.  The girls visited with their Grandmother and we picked up my brother’s truck from the service station.  We want everything in perfect working order when he comes home.
It was the kind of week where we were left a bit frazzled and frayed around the edges.  So much packed into just 5 days.  These were the days where I fell asleep before the girls and my dogs thought we up and left them.  It looks like we have one more week of craziness and then our world should right itself and return to its peaceful position.  While I love the activities we have done, the experiences we have had, and the memories we made this week, my nature is best suited for a slower paced week where the fun and excitement is spread out over the course of a month, rather than jam packed into one fourth of a month!  Thankfully I just ride the wave of energy that is my children and I keep telling myself I can rest when they are older!


joelle said...

This sounds like a great productive week!

Helena said...

What a busy, awesome week! The girl scout advocacy day and food drive looked stunning, and inspiring. Those experiences will sit in your girls' memories always, and be cherished. How wonderful for them.

And the Aleks maths sounds so great for your girls—looks like it fits beautifully. I might have to check it out myself!

We haven't watched the Percy Jackson movie—I'm guessing it'd be too real for my boy who has nightmares about book covers :) But he and I have read every single Percy Jackson book.Yes, I couldn't put them down either :) They really are awesome. And I learned so much. Love that kind of learning!

Thank you for sharing your days, Jessica. Your generous, genuine, truly kind heart and those of your girls shine through your words. Always. It's beautiful to be a part of.

Lora @ my blessed life said...

What a fun week! I haven't read the Percy Jackson books, but my hubby and I did rent the movie just to check the story line out. I think it's a great way to teach Greek mythology and I'm sure my kids will love the books when they get a little older. I'm glad your kids realized that the book is always better than the movie:)

Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

I have never heard of the stem and leaf either! I agree, I don't like crazy busy weeks, although this week since the kids were sick, I never left the house once M-F! That is a little too much the other way...Have a great weekend.

Theresa said...

I am SO impressed with Grace with Aleks!! That is wonderful!!!

You really did pack a lot in this week!! WOW!!

Chef Penny said...

What a busy week@ I too like the slower weeks better but there has to be a crazy one every now and then. Hope it returns to normal soon.

Penny @ Our Crazy Adventures in Autismland

Ingi said...

I feel tired just reading! We've watched Percy Jackson, but not read it yet, so it will be interesting to see how they differ - books are always better!

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