Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weekly Accomplishments

Another busy week is behind us.  Despite our many activities this week we managed to get some quality work done.
Math:  Lilah has completed a piece of her pie chart in Aleks!  She is the first to do this so it took us by surprise.  She has been plugging away at the whole numbers section and after completing some three digit subtraction with regrouping her section was complete.  It will get interesting for her now as many of the other sections contain concepts that she does not know yet like decimals and equivalent fractions.  Grace is also doing very well with Aleks.  This week we focused on perimeter of a shape where one section is missing a measurement.  I love that this program will introduce a concept, practice the concept, and when the child has an understanding, it becomes part of the review that must be done each time the child logs on.    I am also pleased with the math journal that each girl is keeping to record their computation, note concepts to study, and list math vocabulary.  

a sample pie chart from Aleks
History:  We jumped across the Atlantic Ocean this week and began learning about the Ancient Americas.  We learned about the Nazca line drawings in what is now Peru.  A quick click over to youtube on our Apple TV and we were able to watch a video showing us the actual formations taken from the air.  Simply Amazing.  We talked about how hard it would be to dig a line from here to our friend’s house using primitive tools but keeping the line straight.  We agreed it would be very hard indeed.  The girls picked their favorite drawing, Lilah’s was a dodo-like bird (she calls a dinosaur) and Grace chose the monkey.  They drew a sketch in their sketchbook and I printed out the information to correspond to the drawings.

one of my favorites...

Writing:  Grace wrote a detailed letter to her hero, Stephanie Abrams of The Weather Channel.  She used the format of a 5 paragraph essay, focusing one topic for each paragraph.  She planned her letter in her journal, then typed it on her netbook.  I printed it, corrected it and gave it back to her for editing.  She is very excited to mail this and hopefully receive a reply.
Reading:  What we are reading:


Science:  We took a break this week from botany.  Our friends whom we partner with were leaving for a six week trip to visit family out of the country and we chose to use our time to visit with them.  This week we will go back to our reading, focusing on pollination.  We have an exciting trip planned; to a farm where our friend's CSA food comes from, and we will be setting a date to learn about the care of carnivorous plants.  I also have sent an email to a local bee keeper who runs a shoppe from her home that sells different kinds of honey as well as homemade beauty products.  Hopefully we can visit since she open only by appointment.
Outside Activities:  Lilah had a wonderful pottery class where the children all decided to work on a sculpture together.  It is titled “haunted ice cream shoppe”.  

Grace is determined to learn a new piece on the piano, Solfegietto by Bach.   This piece is her first audition piece for a concert that is held yearly featuring young musicians.  We are trying to figure out a way to move the piano into our back family room, which has a door, so that she can have a music room....a place she can practice any time she wants, without affecting other family members.  
We swam this week with friends.  We went to New York City and we took a day trip to Massachusetts to visit family.
Now that our busy busy two weeks is over, it is back to business as usual.  Our mornings will once again be blocked off until approximately 1:00 and we will return to our focused lessons.  
I am looking forward to learning more about the Olmecs of Central America.  The girls are going to learn new topics in math this week.  Our poetry journal has been neglected and needs updating.  I want to finish listening to our cd, The Sorcere’s Apprentice.   I also want to work on our State of CT project.  We have had some amazing projects come to fruition in our outside classes, I would like to continue this success with our projects at home!
I am really looking forward to this week at home with my girls!


Theresa said...

I LOVE the concept of Aleks math! what peace of mind! I wish A had given it more of a chance...I am thinking of trying to get P on board!

I love the title of Grace's book ;-)

I bet she gets a letter from Stephanie Abrams!!

I SO wish we could find an awesome pottery class for the girls!! they would LOVE that!

Monica said...

Good luck with the Olmecs. I wasn't very lucky finding info about them in the public libraries. Hopefully I can find more about them here. If I do, we'll share when we come back.

Jessica said...

@ Theresa, the class is taught by another mom who has a studio with kiln in her home. It is lovely. Ask around with the moms you are meeting. Pool the talent!!!

@Monica, that would be AWESOME! I just told Grace and she thinks that is very cool. With limited records, it is hard to find information. We are just having so much fun with history.

Helena said...

What a great week, Jessica! It sounds so complete. And by that I mean, while I was reading this a feeling washed over me—a sense of your and your girls' contentment, that things are just right. That's wonderful.

Your words and thoughts give off such good energy, Jessica. I'm so glad I get to read them! :)

Karen said...

I wish we could do a pottery class too. You are so right about 'pooling the talent' of HS Moms. At church yesterday our preacher said, "There is not one thing that we could possibly want to do in our community that someone isn't sitting here who can do it." That is the way it is with HS moms too.

We are starting The America's this week. Any good sites you found? I love reading your weekly accomplishments Jess. :)

musicalmary said...

Re: your iPad question! Read this:

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