Saturday, April 30, 2011


I believe that God gives us little signs, hints as to which direction our life should be taking.  We can choose to follow or turn away.  Even if we are not ready to accept the signs, the hints, the direction markers, he will find a way to keep putting them in our path.  
Three days into my sugar detox, I stumbled upon this book; Babycakes, Vegan (Mostly) Gluten-Free (Mostly) and (Mostly) Sugar Free Recipes from New York's Most Talked About Bakery by Erin McKenna.  We were at Target and Lilah, my little baker, was browsing through a cupcake decorating book.  I was considering purchasing it for her when I noticed the book hanging out next to it, tucked up against the corner of the bookshelf.  It was like there was a spot light was pointing me to this book. I had just asked my Vegan sugar-free friend how to bake my favorite things sans sugar.  Agave nectar, honey and maple syrup are all new ingredients in baking to me and Lilah.  Although I rarely pay full retail price for books, here was all the information I needed to know!  Tucking it under my arm, it became mine ours.
I am reading this cookbook cover to cover.  After I stock up on the required ingredients, Lilah and I will begin converting our kitchen into Lilah’s Luscious Bakery and will provide reviews! 


Theresa said...

I love your new header!

I've been thinking about your Sugar Free post. jason has been working crazy hours on a special project and I've been eating either salads or cereal for dinner. Yesterday I felt great--I had eaten salad and had some fresh kale and strawberries and watermelon and bananas. Then, because Jason was working late, I ate Chocolate Cheerios for dinner and instantly felt sick. Even this morning, my mouth is numb and I feel horrible. I really think it is the sugar in those stupid chocolate cheerios.

The fam asked what I want to do for Mother's Day next weekend and I was thinking a trip to the city...our new thing is dessert on the way home...I may have to check out this bakery and see if they have any sugar free items on the menu!

karisma said...

Mmmmm, honey and syrup are great substitutes for sugar. We use them all the time. They go extremely well in cookies or slices too. :-)

Jessica said...

Theresa, Please please let me know if you go! I asked Greg if he ever has the excuse to get there for me but it would be way out of his way.......

Karisma - today we try pumpkin muffins with agave!

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