Wednesday, April 27, 2011


As I read other blogs, especially a certain one set in Florida (here) and a couple in Australia (here and here), I often find myself wishing that I lived somewhere with breathtaking beauty.   Then I realized I have to shift my thinking.  I live in New England and we just finished up a hard New England-style winter.   Connecticut in April/May is beautiful.  Everything is coming to life.  We get to experience the joy of rebirth every spring.  I feel it is especially poignant given that it seems so late in arriving this year.....

Today to celebrate the glory of our surroundings, we took the girls on a botany-walk.  I was chief photographer and they were supposed to point out anything they saw that related to anything that they have learned.  Did you happen to notice that they are wearing rain boots?  Who wears rain boots on a botany walk?  Girls who are more interested in splashing in water than recalling botany facts on demand!  Our walk was not for naught however.  We found moss and lichen, trees and shrubs in the process of pollination.  We discussed water pollination, wind pollination and how certain flowers are  pointed downward and those are usually for moths to find at night.  We talked about vascular and non-vascular plants.  We saw a ginormous snapping turtle and gave it plenty of space (it escaped into deeper water so I was unable to “snap” a picture!).  

The girls enjoyed exploring the water.  Since this is a man-made pond created in the 1920s, and not made by nature there is not as much wildlife as they would find in the woods.  That did not stop them from mucking about.  

We did all this in an hour.  Then the whole group traveled about a mile away to their pottery class.  And guess what happened????  Their instructor thought it would be a great idea to go into her glorious garden and take clippings to roll into their clay!  How cool is that!  Talk about cross-curriculum!  Art and science.  Hand in hand.  So Lilah took a bleeding heart and some leaves and pressed them into her clay.  Grace was inspired to free draw a leaf in her clay.  Looks like a fern to me!

What a glorious day to appreciate our life.  We were keenly aware that most children can only glimpse the leaves and feel the warm air from their classrooms and 15 minutes of recess.  We are free to explore, discover and wander about at our own pace, until we are content.  And content we are!


  1. What great shots!
    I have fond memories of Connecticut in the fall, too!

  2. Oh how funny that you mention wishing to live in a different area of the country. I live on the plains of OK and been guilty of dreaming of the East. It seems tranquil with lots of trees and water. Brillant colors in every season...

  3. Jenny - I have been guilty of thinking that the grass is greener...literally. But there are great things about where I live as well. I love the cobblestone streets in some of our cities and the rolling hills of the country. I just wish I could see them out my kitchen window!

  4. So glad you stopped by my blog, so now that I may appreciate yours!! I see a lot of beauty in where you are! I love all the exploring in your botany walk (especially with the rain boots), it's homeschooling at its best :). So nice to meet you Jessica!

  5. I love days like that! Your area looks beautiful to me, but we are still waiting on spring, so anywhere that is green looks great! I often think about the kids inside at school when we are spending literally hours outside!

  6. Beautiful pictures! I'm blog hopping and found yours! Am now following! Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!!

  7. Beautiful images, Jessica! I especially love the one of the girls in their boots (and their big, big smiles!)—I've wanted some gumboots for ages. I think it's time I found some (the more colourful the better!).

    I love your last statement too. Yes, we are free to be together with friends, and outside, for beautiful, extended periods. We are so lucky. I thought that very thought just yesterday, before I read your words. Connection, as always!

    Thanks so much for the mention—and it's so funny you'd write this at this time (again making me sure as always that people are connected by energy and thoughts and love and such)—because I've been feeling MAJOR homesickness for my Other Home, San Francisco and the Bay Area. Big ol' pangs for the other side of the sea.

    So we all have it, this looking outward, to the Other. We all wonder, and then look around our Here and Now and find it happy, and good, and beautiful. I think that's part of being inquisitive, searching people isn't it? Part of the glorious learning we do and love so much.

    I feel lucky to read your words and resonate with them and think more (and write too much here!). Thank you, Jessica!


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