Saturday, April 9, 2011

Login to Learn!

Note to self....two children cannot share a laptop when taking an online class!  Today was our first time delving into the land of online classes.  Currclick offered a free class through Essay Writer’s Workshop on grammar; using joining words to build better sentences.  Since we were home and it was free, we logged on and gave it a try!

I was very impressed.  The lesson was 30 minutes.  We were able to hear the teacher’s voice as she used the computer monitor like an overhead projector or a smart board.  Two sentences were shown and the students were asked to give joining words to build a longer more eloquent sentence.  My girls were typing furiously in the chat box hoping their answer would be chosen.  The teacher then wrote or typed the new and improved sentence as the students looked on.

When I asked the girls about it after Grace said it was super cool and wanted to do it again.  Lilah was frustrated over having to share the laptop and I said now that we know we like this style of lesson, I can create two logons and they can each do the lesson on different computers.  This will also be a way to give girls extra lessons in what they are interested in.  The prices are reasonable and Lilah could take a class in writing or art and Grace could take a class in sign language or science.  I thought we might take the full week grammar class offered by today’s instructor but it is at 3:00 Eastern Time and two out of the four days we will not be home at that time.....bummer.


Theresa said...

Interesting and timely. We are doing a free online Science class on Monday on astronomy. I will have to make sure that each girl has her own laptop for it.

I am intrigued by art classes offered online as we never seem to be able to do the art classes at the local art school we used to go to because of co-op or my work schedule and my girls miss that.

Marcie said...

I have seen the classes on their website and always wondered about them. Thanks for trying them out and letting us know about your experience. I will be more willing to try them out now.

Jessica said...

Theresa - please post how you like girls would love the opportunity to take online classes with kids they know. Seeing names and answers in the chat box was thrilling for them!

Marcie - The only drawback is committing the time which for me is easier when the class is outside our home (we never miss those) but unless I am diligent about scheduling our online class into my calendar I can see us missing it altogether!

Debbie's L'Bri said...

Thank you for trying. I was wondering about them. I may use them now.

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