Monday, April 18, 2011

Magical Monday

Today was a great day!  We started by reading a chapter of Story of the World in our new book.  Not new because we finished the book, but new because I  I can’t find it anywhere and I must have fallen out of favor with St. Anthony.  Can you overuse a prayer?
The girls took a cupcake class,

Picked up their gorgeous pottery,

Had a picnic with friends,

Noticed that our bean plant (from our botany experiment) is flowering!

Then came home for dinner and Lemonade Mouth with their buddies.

You just can’t ask for a better day!


  1. my nator would be so jealous. she desperately wants the cupcake decorating books, but i've withheld. ;) they did a great job!

    and the pottery looks fun... and purdy.

    picnics with friends are also fun. looks like a great day.

    love the "great minds" quote in your pic... ;)

  2. Thanks! I stumbled upon the plaque at a local hardware store.

  3. Wow! Those cupcakes look awesome, and the pottery is lovely too! I am thinking I maybe should have planted our beans indoors. Its getting really cold down here this week and half our seedlings did not like it. :-( Your bean looks gorgeous!

  4. Now that's an awesome day...... You're doing such a great job with the girls... I'm proud to be a part of the family...

  5. Karisma ~ I can take no credit for the Bean. That is 100% my daughter's doing!

    Gary - thank you. The next time we have something cool happening at home, I will let you know and you can come over and join in the fun.

  6. I love the cupcakes & the pottery. Beautiful!

  7. Love the cupcakes and the pottery. I love, love little pots and bowls. I remember you posted some very early on in your blog..right?

    The picnic looks so fun. Can't wait to start picnicking again.

    Lovely day Jess.


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