Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stay Safe

My friend Karen spent a large portion of Wednesday inside a closet with her daughter and her dog.  The thought that through no fault of your own, no misdeed or accident, everything can be taken from you in a moment’s notice is not only terrifying, but humbling.  I am awed by the power of nature.  It has the ability to both inspire us to greatness and bring us to our knees in sadness.  It can stun us into silence through beauty and through destruction.  
While we in Connecticut are not being impacted by the front that has stalled out over the   southern states, we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.  Our news reported that a Trooper was killed shielding his daughter from a falling tree during a camping trip.  He willingly gave his life so that she could keep hers.  Tragic and beautiful.  It seems that nature is that way, both tragic and beautiful.  
Yesterday Grace took an online class titled Wicked Weather.  It was not planned that this class would be held during the tornado outbreak.  The instructor was located in one of the states affected and said she might have to disrupt the class if the sirens were to go off.  Our friends who spent most of the day in the closet were part of this class as well.  
However, the timing of this class did bring home the point that the more you know about weather, especially severe weather, the better able we all are to stay safe.
Stay safe.


H-Mama said...

my youngest just wrote about tornadoes. crazy weather. beautiful and hear-wrenching all the same. so true.

Helena said...

I was thinking of Karen and her girl and her dog all day too. Hard to wrap my head around it all—and I feel quite helpless, being so far away. But here we are, thinking of them, and sending love. And this small, good thing feels just right, to me.

That weather class sounds fascinating. I think most online classes are based in the US, so we'd have to do them in the pre-dawn! I can imagine Grace would have enjoyed the class a lot. She must be such an expert by now :)

Thanks for these words, Jessica. And you too; stay safe and be well.

karisma said...

Mother Nature is certainly playing up a lot all over the world lately. Keep safe, all of you xoxox

musicalmary said...

We spent considerable time in our basement Wednesday night. All is well here, but a friend of mine in our Homeschool group lost her brother-in-law in one of the tornadoes just 30 minutes from here. It was a scary evening. My prayers go out to so many.

Jessica said...


I was so sad reading your comment. Even though I don't know the person, my heart aches for them. I cannot imagine the cleanup, the healing and the rebuilding that must be done.


Karen said...

Thank you Jess for your prayers.

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