Saturday, May 21, 2011

10 More Ways it is Working - Greener

10 More Ways I know It Is Working....
I love to write these posts.  It shows me the progress we are making in literally changing our lives for the better.  I have tackled some pretty big things in the past year and a half; we began homeschooling one, then two children, I gave up coffee (then went back to small amounts of half decaf), I gave up sugar, took up green smoothies and began worm composting.  Here are 10 more ways we have beautified and healthified our family!

  • We have made the switch to all natural oral care products.  It killed me to have my girls use products with all that red and blue food coloring.  After trying many different flavors and brands we all agreed on Tom’s Wicked Fresh toothpaste and mouthwash.  

  • The Green Smoothie habit has taken hold.  Yesterday I made the first smoothie that Lilah approved of.  She even called it “good”!  The girls only drink their smoothie out of cute wine glasses we picked up for a dollar at IKEA.  I think everything should be about beauty right now.  Why surround ourselves with things that do not inspire and motivate us?  Myself, I prefer my gigantic glass milk jug.

  • This weekend Greg is building me raised garden containers for my fresh herbs (for my smoothies!).  I am overjoyed at the possibility of being able to pick fresh basil and cilantro without having to drive to our community garden plot!

  • My Rubbermaid container full or worms and their fresh poo will be going into that container to provide nutrients and fresh compost for the soil.  Thanks worms for your hard was much appreciated!

  • One of my girls favorite sites is  It rates the quality of ingredients in our favorite brand name foods.  Now they see why I don’t let them drink Gatorade and eat at fast food chains.  Every item they looked up from McDonalds rated 0 out of 100.  The newer items to our diet like Lara Bars rate in the 80s.  

  • I am not a non-fiction reader, I never have been.  Give me a big bowl of popcorn and a novel and I am one happy Mama!  My reading this month has included Green for Life which you all know I simply adored and I just finished Alkalize or Die.  I am looking for Dr. Max Gerson’s biography but do not want to pay $24.00 on Amazon.  Hopefully the library will have it or I can borrow it from someone.  This green smoothie way of life has revolutionized my way of thinking and of eating.  I do not think I could return to the old way.  Just last night I had a few organic tortilla chips before bed and because my body is getting used to my smoothie, a light dinner and then nothing else, I wound up going to bed with a belly-ache.  Not worth it!

  • I can fit in my Paige jeans!!  I can fit in my Habitual ones too.  Comfortably.  Since I have not increased my activity level, it is solely due to cutting out sugar and my smoothie habit.  Greg has also been drinking smoothies daily and he is losing weight too.  My skin is glowing, I sleep well at night, and my eating habits have completely changed.

  • I am toying with the idea of vegetarianism.  I could not go vegan,  but I find myself wanting less and less meat.  I love Dr. Praeger’s California Burgers and when I grill chicken or pork, I find that I am eating more rice and veggies than meat.  I am looking to add some beans to my meals for more protein.  Whether or not I make this choice is not important, but I am examining what I eat, why I eat it and why my body needs it.

  • We are adding a seafood component to our CSA. (I know this contradicts what I just said... baby steps) Each week we will get a pound of fresh seafood with our share.  I am looking forward to trying new foods and cooking new ways.  I just wish it would get warm here already.  This time last year we had our share for a few weeks......I really want my fresh greens.

  • We are adding clover to our lawn.  This may not seem like a big deal but we have struggled with our lawn for years.  I refuse to have a commercial company come in with deadly pesticides to kill the grubs that call our yard home.  We have tried everything we can think of but yet the ugly little white monsters come year after year.  Our grass is patchy and dense.  I hope that some clover will beautify our yard and fill in the sparse areas.  A few bees might be nice as well.  The girls could observe pollination up close, just not too close!
I am sure as summer arrives we will find even more ways to green our family.  But for now, these are working!


Theresa said...

I linked to you today ;-)

Also, OMG we are on the SAME page!

Lately I can not palate meat. It makes me gag. I was a vegetarian for 7 years before I got pregnant with Allie, but when I was pregnant I needed so much protein (I did eat fish as a vegetarian--but couldn't eat much bc of mercury when preggo). I can't stand plain eggs and could not eat enough eggs and beans to get protein, so I began to slowly eat turkey and chicken, then pork and beef...and now I find myself having the same reaction I did to it 20 years ago. I gag. Hard time swallowing it. I still prepare it, but eat small quantities. I don't think Jason & the girls have noticed and I am not sure--I would need to almost change all of our diets and I am researching that with growing girls...anyway...

I'm not a non-fiction reader either.

I had a beer last night with Jason and went to bed with a bellyache too! And woke up ravenous--I think it's the sugar alcohol is metabolized into. Not sure what I am going to do bc I like the time we spend (now just 1-2 times per week) with a beer or wine or margarita.

Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

We switched toothpaste a while back too. It makes no sense to stop eating the blue and red stuff, yet ingest it into our mouth or on our skin! I fell off my good eating while on vacation and I felt it! I was glad to get back home and not be tempted by junk. I am jealous that you can get seafood with your CSA. We joined one for the first time this year and ours hasn't started yet either. I will have to look into the clover too. We don't want the pesticides on the lawn either. Although I should say "lawn" ours is in more of a playground condition than a golf course! Oh, well.

mamak said...

Ooooh! And I fed you lamb tonight!
For the lawn try a product called milky spores. It's some sort of microbe that eats the beetle larvae. It works! We had a severe japaneese beetle problem and it is well under control now. I need to give up sugar and get back on my smoothies. Thanks for the motivation!

karisma said...

AWESOME! Is the toothpaste herbal? Thats all I use. Although my boys still prefer the fluoride based stuff, I am hoping to wean them eventually. There is enough fluoride in the drinking water without adding it to your toothpaste. And if you don't eat junk in the first place, you don't really need it now do you?

I go through phases of being vegetarian. I naturally prefer vegies over meat any day but when faced with the way animals are treated so western society can enjoy the convenience, I don't want to eat meat at all. My kids however, well the younger 3, love meat. So we try to feed them organic and instill in them the importance of raising and killing an animal fairly. Not so easy in this day and age.

I absolutely dislike McDonalds, and I rarely let my kids go near it. If you have not done so yet, watch the dvd Food Inc. Very very informative.

Jessica said...

I don't know if I could be a hard core true vegetarian. Mama K - I LOVED the lamb. It was delish. I think that when I am home, I will choose things other than meat and when I am out at my family's and friend's homes I will enjoy the food they prepared. But I will still enjoy my Farm Creek Eggs!

I have Food Inc. on my instant queue for Netflix. I just need to find time to watch it alone. When I let me girls watch Super Size Me it caused a major reaching. I think if they watch Food Inc. they will stop eating altogether!

Helena said...

Jessica, you're doing amazingly—so many great shifts and discoveries—it's inspiring. I bought a whole lot of baby spinach the other day to make some green smoothies, then used it all in a wild spinach, feta, caramelised onion, gluten-free-pizza-making frenzy! It was delish.

I like the idea of you possibly becoming vegetarian… if we lived in the same town you could come over for my excellent cannellini bean pasta. It's also delish! :)

I've been really enjoying your posts, Jessica. I've been out of the internet-loop for the past few days, and am just catching up… I loved loved loved your trip to the museum, and as I really loved The Graveyard Book, I can't wait to hear how the girls go with their movie!

Thanks so much for sharing all your thoughts and insights here, Jessica. I am always so glad to come here, and see how you are :)

Karen said...

Jess this is one of my favorite posts!! I love all the changes you are making and I am so inspired to do more. I am going to make a green smoothie this week.

We have been eating healthier too! I think we eat healthy, but now I know we can do so much better. I am not sure I could ever become a vegetarian, I am too much of a chicken lover.

So excited about your herb garden. We have a few herbs and I would love more. I will definitely check out :) There is a free app called "Eat This, Not That" that y'all should check out.

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