Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Local History

This is how we do social studies.  Under CT Statue 10-184 homeschoolers are required to provide instruction in a state study.  I choose to beginning with a study of our town.  In my weekly wrap up post, I commented how I have been sitting on this book for a year.  I stumbled upon it in the library and knew it would be perfect for us.  Each page profiles a historic or cultural place in our town.  The illustration is blank for coloring.  There are a few paragraphs summarizing its significance and a place for a picture of the girls at each location.  
** A huge thank you to Theresa for her amazing tutorial on how to create collages!

I gave each girl a binder and thought that we would set out around town to learn more about where we live.  That was a year ago.  It was a project that got pushed aside and overlooked as we delved into other subjects and our time was occupied with other things.  I have realized that for us, partnering with other families interested in learning or engaging in the same activity is a fun way of sharing in the educational experience.  I cannot say too many times (or maybe you think I can.....) how wonderful our botany activities are when they are shared with our friends.  This too, is more fun when shared!  We have spent the past two weeks at the same location.  Last week I forgot my camera so I was glad to have had the opportunity to photo document our lesson in real time rather than just returning to the location to snap a photo.  We picnicked, climbed trees and ran amok until their pottery class began. 
I cannot say for certain but this tree looks very similar to the Charter Oak on CT seals.  I am hoping to find a historian who can confirm if the descendant of the Charter Oak still stands at this location and if so, confirm the tree.
It was a perfect day for this type of learning.  I am looking forward to next week when we venture out to another location, picnic in hand, markers in bag and minds open to absorb new information.  

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karisma said...

That is a most beautiful tree. I like nothing better than sitting under trees in parks while the children run amok. As long as I have my wool along, I am one happy little camper. :-)

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