Sunday, May 15, 2011

Memorial Day

Christ Episcopal Church in Norwalk, CT is hosting a memorial for our men and women of the armed forces.  For every life lost in Iraq and Afghanistan there is a flag proudly displayed.  5,947 flags.  5,947 lives.  

I first read about this memorial a few weeks ago and knew that I wanted to visit.  My brother recently returned from Afghanistan safe and sound.  While he was busy fighting off Taliban forces and helping to train the Afghan soldiers, we were at home praying feverishly for his well-being.  Not only were we praying for him, but also for his new wife and unborn son.  When they were reunited as a family, our prayers were answered. 
I realize that many other families cannot say the same.  While we only had an empty place at our Sunday dinner table for one year, 5,947 families will never again be able to have dinner with their son, their brother, their father, their Uncle (I use the masculine only to refer to my brother).  My heart aches for these families.  
This year Memorial Day takes on a new significance for my family.  While we have had other family members who have served, including my late Grandfather who was a World War II Veteran, having an active member of the armed services in our immediate family gives us a new perspective.  We know that another deployment is inevitable and we will once again rely on the power of prayer for comfort and protection.
From the few Veterans of World War II who are still alive to tell their tales, to the newest members of the rank of Veteran, you are appreciated in my house.  Your families are in our thoughts and prayers.  We pray for your continued safety and the safety of those in your units.  We may not know your name but we share in your sacrifice.

To those who have given the ultimate sacrifice so that we may continue to enjoy the freedoms your brethren fought for over 200 years ago, we thank you.  Because of you my daughters can grow to achieve their dreams, educated, liberated and appreciated.
Semper Fidelis and God Bless.


Theresa said...

All of those, when you see it like that--what an impact that has!

Those who risk their lives for others are true heroes.

Anonymous said...

I am wanting to read your posts about when you pulled your girls from school and your first weeks of homeschooling, but am having trouble finding them. Since there are no archives, I would have to keep paging back until that date, right? HELP!
Thanks for your VERY KIND response on my blog the other means so much!

Karen said...

Amazing pictures. What a touching memorial. I am so glad your brother is home safe and sound. Love the picture of G and L surrounded by the flags.

Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

All the flags are so beautiful!! Please thank your brother for his service to our country, glad he made it home safely. A good reminder that Memorial Day is so much more than a day off of work with some hot dogs (and a green smoothie of course!!)

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